Sunday, August 22, 2010


This is the first weekend in a long time that I actually feel relaxed...

I claimed this "relaxation". I told myself and everyone around me that I needed this weekend to focus on ME. I knew ahead of time that getting back on track with eating was going to take my full attention... And yesterday was great!

I stayed on track with eating. Yes... I was tempted several times. But I made good choices, and did well with the sugar cravings.

Abt 5 bites of diced fruit w/coffee (at Orientation)
1 pc reduced fat string cheese
Egg/egg white omelet w/ reduced fat cheese
1 slice of whole wheat toast (low carb, 1 g. sugar)
sushi roll w/ brown rice, smoked salmon and veggies
1 slim fast (low carb, high protein)
LOTS of water

Yesterday, I only ate when I was hungry. I know that some recommend a lot of smaller meals throughout the day, but there are valid arguments from some for just eating when hungry. Because of my disordered eating, I really think my hunger cues are so messed up that I should try this method for right now.

Last night before bed, I was HUNGRY. It was such a weird feeling! To experience true hunger is a foreign concept to me. So I drank some water, drank a Slim Fast, and felt satisfied.

Yesterday was not a PERFECT day of eating, but I am please. I am off to a good start today, and plan on keeping this momentum going. I already feel SO much better.

I am going to work on lesson plans today so that I can feel organized and ready for the week ahead. I really LOVE being a teacher. Tomorrow begins my fourth week... It's an adventure every day and I feel like I'm getting into a good groove.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday going through 1000+ blogs on Google Reader. I couldn't comment on everything I wanted to, but I feel a little caught up on so many friends. Thanks for the inspiration! If you are a new reader, and your blog isn't in my blogroll, leave a link in the comments. I'd love to ready about you, too!


  1. New to your blog! Looks like you have so much on your plate right now, I'm glad you took a me weekend and it seems to be going as planned.

  2. It must have been a sushi kind of day- I made it here for dinner with brown rice , but moc crab instead of the other fish

  3. Hello!
    I am a new reader of your blog!
    I've also been trying the "eat when you're hungry method."
    I find that it helps me stay better on track and i feel more in control. just like your blog title says "relaxation" that's a good thing b/c everyone needs some relaxation time to just be themselves away from everything!
    I just started a blog about my weightloss journey the link is


  4. I just started reading your blog and I know what you mean about feeling stressed. I'm doing the best job I can do every day and not fretting the rest. You sound like a right strong person.....stick with it and you'll do great!!!

    Check me out :-)


  5. Feeling relaxed every now and then (more the better) is so key to our sanity. I'm glad you were able to find some time for you.

    I like the idea of taking cues from your body and only eating when hungry. However, I am a Type II Diabetic with poor control. I am trying to finally (after way too many years) start doing a better job at watching my carb intake. I've only just begun to get serious about my journey, but the more I can plan out my meals and keep consistent with meal times and carbs consumed, I might be able to get the blood sugar levels in order.

    Have fun in school.


  6. There are only about 3 or 4 blogs I follow, and yours is one.
    I started my weight loss needing to lose about 90 lbs... and I'm almost there.
    Keep your chin up and your motivation high!!

    Sincerely, Mary

  7. Hollie,
    I love that you know when it's time for Hollie to relax!! Good for you :)

  8. Hi Hollie! I discovered your blog a few weeks back and am excited to see you've started updating again recently :) I too am on a weight loss adventure and need all the positive reading I can get. I think the best part of reading others blogs is seeing that everyone has MINOR setbacks but you gotta just keep on truckin'. Here's to two more healthy ladies in the world!

    Keep up the good work!

    Sandi xox

  9. Hey Hollie - you sound so determined! Have you tried EFT to help curb those sugar cravings?

    It seems crazy - but it really works. Check out my free course to learn it in just 17 minutes.

    Good luck - Nigel :-)

  10. Hi there Hollie! I'm new to your blog and I hope you reach your gold! For what I've read so far it looks like you are going to make it!
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    Best wishes!

  11. Enjoyed reading your blog!

    I think you bring up an excellent point when it comes to taking time just for yourself, learning to relax.

    It took me a long time to realize that a big reason why I struggled with my weight for just under a decade was because I was always stressed, and so my body was constantly in "alarm mode", and as such I was always releasing cortisol into my blood stream, and as a consequence I would maintain or gain weight.

    You bring up some really good points and thanks for telling your journey!


  12. Go Hollie! Get your grooove on. :)

  13. Hi Hollie. I just found you at Tippy Toe Diet's blog. I love reading of others journey in weight loss, it helps to motivate me big time! That is what I'm doing tonight, going through as many blogs as possible, trying to make new friends in blog land.
    Thanks for sharing your stuff, I'll be adding your link to my blog sidebar for sure!!!


  14. SO excited to hear that you are a teacher now! What a great accomplishment! I have been totally AWOL this summer but hope to be better blog buddy from now on.

  15. Hi Hollie, I was just wondering if you have heard of the Body By Vi 90Day Challange. If want some info visite

  16. Just found your blog! I love you "intuitive eating" plan. I might have to consider that.

  17. hey, I'm a new reader as well. Also a new blogger- just starting my weight loss journey so we're gonna see how this goes. Anyways, I liked reading through your blog and if you'd like to see mine it's at

    have a great day, stay strong!

  18. Hey Holly I just found you in Woman's Day! I'm a new fitness blogger and I'd LOVE to be on your blogroll! Your story is amazing and I really applaud your openness to share how you're healthy with others;) Very cool stuff.

  19. Hey there, I came across your blog through google, and I am impressed. I am working on a weight loss program myself to lose 100 pounds. Check it out.

    My name is Trevor and I'll be back to read more of your posts.

    Best wishes.

  20. Maybe I can link the blog URL..

    Many thanks :) --Trevor

  21. I love this blog. I can absolutely relate to you. I started a blog called My Quest to Wear Waistbands: An average woman's journey to be the average size. It makes light of the weight loss battle! You may enjoy.

  22. Hello Hollie! I am new reader on the blog. Stick with it! I just started blogging about my weight loss as well... site is

  23. Sugar cravings! I get those too!

    Have you tried palm sugar? It's low GI and great for weight loss.

    If you want more daily tips, follow me on twitter: @HelpULoseWeight!

    Or check out this blog:

    All the best wishes Hollie!

  24. i read about you in the Oct issue of Women'sDay. loved your story n wanted to read more of you.

    good luck n keep goin..its so worth it... life...a healthy life!

  25. Hey Hollie,
    Your blog was one of the first that I found when I was thinking of starting my own. Hang in there! You'll get to your goals if you keep making good choices, one day at a time. I've got you in my google reader so I'll be watching for updates! My blog is Cheers!

  26. I love the idea of only eating when you're biggest journey will be to constantly keep this in mind...some days it's so hard, and others it's easy...I'm just trying to figure out how! :-)

  27. Please check out my blog, I am trying to lose over 70 pounds. Will follow yours as well!

  28. I agree to only eat when hungry and to avoid snacking!!!


  29. Hi Hollie! I'm so glad that I came across your blog. It's good to see another person who finds it important to stay fit and healthy. I have lost over 125 lbs. myself and will be featured in the November 2010 issue of Shape magazine. This is VERY exciting for me! Anyway, my blog is located at if you'd like to check it out. I added your blog to follow, so feel free to follow mine as well. I look forward to reading more of your journey. Take care! <3 Laura

  30. So impressed you're #1 on Google for "Weight Loss Blog" keyword. Very well done.

    Have you visited my blog? 29 pounds in 36 days so far. So happy!

  31. Hi Hollie! I'm a new follower, and I just started my own journey to lose 52 lbs in 52 weeks...I hope you'll check it out!

  32. Hey! I'm a new reader to your blog and have also recently started my own weight loss blog. I only have one entry in there so far but I would love to have as many readers as you seem to have- the motivation I would get from it would be immense! Please please from one dieter to another could you write a post telling people to come on my page and show some love? the link is
    Any help would be seriously appreciated!

  33. Hi, Im new to you blog. Im also on a diet and totally agree with taking time to relax. I go though the same thing in my crazy job function. We mustb force ourselves to relax sometimes.. love it!!!!

  34. I find that it helps me stay in good health on track and i feel more in control I like the idea of captivating cues from your body and only eating when hungry. However, I am a Type II with poor control. I am trying to finally (after way too many years) start doing a better job at watching my crab intake. I've only just begun to get solemn about my journey, but the more I can plan out my meals and keep constant with snack times and crabs consumed, I might be able to get the blood sugar levels in order. Just like your blog title says "relaxation" that's a good thing b/c everyone needs some relaxation time to just be themselves away from everything!

  35. This is awesome I started a blog similar to this and finding this blog really helps me feel not so alone.

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  36. Hey Hey,
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  37. Hey There
    Came across your blog on Google,
    love the design and your insightful posts.
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    Thanks Hollie

  38. Hi Holly,

    I got all tensed up just reading your story, my heart is big for you and all that you are so beautifully handling.

    I struggled with my weight for years, beginning when my daughter died. The yo-yo ride is horrible and undermines our energy, when you need that energy the most.

    I'm now a life and health coach who supports others to their best weight. I want to commend you for being so honest and so open about your journey. It touches my soul.

    Congratulations on the article in Women's Day and yes, practice what you preach, although some days it is so much easier to preach:)

    Best of luck to you! I'll keep you in my prayers.


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