Monday, July 26, 2010

If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe's

Thanks Lori! Ya'll know I love Trader Joe's!


  1. Straight up, THAT IS BRILLIANT!!!! Oh, and it's so very true....

  2. Cool video! lol

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  3. I've tried to love Trader Joe's... I have. Big fan of the $2 chuck & the strawberry rhubarb pie. Outside of that, I just feel like I never know what I'm looking for there and then I get all uncomfortable and out of sorts. I can't find anything if I go there with something in mind... but I want to love it.

  4. Hi Hollie, a super cool tune and video! Thanks for sharing it. It's bound to rise in the charts once again... who can resist a mellow bossa nova? Be well, Steve D.

  5. Love your blog! Hope you'll come check mine out! Would love to hav ea buddy on the weight loss journey!

    Mrs. O

  6. That's a great non-commercial. I used to love Trader Joes when I lived in California but we don't have them here in Texas. We did just get Aldi though - isn't it the same company?
    Less of Me

  7. That was a cute video...wish we had Trader Joe's here.

  8. Nice video! I got effective weight loss tips on my blog aswell! You should definitely check 'em out!

  9. LOL!

    That's TOO funny. For a little bit, I thought I was the only one who is in love with trader joe's but its good to know that someone else shares my obsession. I will be following your blog now. lol

  10. I love trader joes. Your blog is very enteraining. Love it!

  11. @Cozy in Texas...

    Look for Central Market. It sounds like the same idea. They have stores in...
    # Austin-North Lamar
    # Austin-Westgate
    # Houston
    # San Antonio
    # Dallas
    # Fort Worth
    # Plano
    # Southlake

    They are the high end of the H.E.B. grocery store chain.


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