Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend: Interrupted

Today started off GREAT....

....But is ending terribly.

NOT with eating, though. Shocker.

I have finally had an emotionally trying day where I am NOT using food to comfort myself.

Original Plan: Head to Jess's house around noon... swim... cook... relax and have fun for the rest of the evening. Make a grocery run so that food will be on plan and making good choices will be easy.

What actually happened: Well, everything was on plan until dinner. That's when I got a phone call. My ex basically ruined my day and sent me into turmoil. In about 2.5 minutes I was so stressed out I wanted to cry. I wanted Ben & Jerry's, Oreos, and Krispy Kreme. I wanted to numb the pain with food.

But I didn't. Because that really never works anyway.

I decided to just come home. I'll go back to Jess's tomorrow, because I still need to watch her kids so she can work tomorrow afternoon. But tonight, for me, I just needed to come back home.

After I publish this post, I will go to bed so I don't have to deal with temptation. I won't let my mind trick me into thinking I'm hungry.

If there is one thing I can control right now, it is what I put in my mouth. I will not let stress and emotions derail me. I am doing too well.

I will re-group, and try to stay focused this weekend. I stocked Jess's pantry with good, healthy food for me to have while I'm there. No excuses.


  1. So glad you pushed through. That is really hard to do, but you did it!! Proud of you!!! Hugs!

  2. You did the right thing!!! Congrats!!! It is a big achievement when we choose not to medicate with food.

  3. l, I am sorry that fool ruined your day. However, you are handling it with courage and strength and that is what matters.

  4. Excellent work! You should be so proud of yourself, look how far you have come. If this was awhile ago you would have eaten more and regretted it later. *high 5 and pat on the back*

  5. Proud of you for not letting the stress make you turn to food - that is huge, Hollie!

    Hope today is much better for you.

  6. Hey girl..hope today is better for you...never let an EX get to you! There is a reason they are your ex..right!? You did the right thing! When ever I am tempted to binge at night..I listen to music and go to bed early!...

  7. Great job sticking to it! Its hard when all you want to do is eat your emotions. I hope today is a MUCH better day for you!

  8. Exes SUCK. Sorry. Hugs to you. Been there...gone through that...SO many IS stressful. Good for you for not turning to food. Maybe..turn to or something and put his picture somewhere that you can kick it.....but NOT when the kids can see (lol). Hang in there, hun. I got your back! Email me if you want a crazy fast manic exercise music list if you want to get out there and take out some frustration with some movement.

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