Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You wanted a picture!

Several people mentioned in the comments that I should have taken a picture of my ensemble on Saturday night... I forgot to!

I didn't remember taking any pictures this weekend, but my friend posted this on Facebook yesterday.  It is me and my cousin, Marissa, on Friday night at her birthday party. I was feelin' pretty good here, too!

Today has been busy, busy, busy... and I've been eating, eating, eating... I know... more on that tomorrow!


  1. you look LOVELY, Hollie. (I typed HOTTIE initially :) Freudian slip?)

    now about that eating post...


  2. You are definitely working it! You are Beautiful!!!

  3. You're beautiful! I love the shirt!

  4. Hollie....YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for the pictures!!!

  5. Now Hollie ... I just saw your card over at Jack's and I have to say ... Hollie! YOU ARE PRETTY NOW!!! I hope you see that. How ever could you not?

    Just look at the smiling face ... you could light up a whole house with that smile!


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