Monday, May 17, 2010

What's your best part?

Lyn (Escape from Obesity) asked a great question on her blog today... what is your best part?

Without having to even think about it, I knew the answer... my neck/chest/shoulder region. When I crop pictures, this is always how I do it so I "look" my best. For whatever reason, when I get to about 280 lbs or so my double chin disappears and my collar bone emerges. I think it looks sexy! I am between 270 - 280 lbs on all these pictures above....

What about you? What is YOUR favorite feature? No matter what size you are, you should have SOME part of your body that you look at and say, "not so bad!". Lemme know what it is in the comments, and link your blog if you write about it!


While typing out this post, I got some incredibly wonderful news... I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to scream/cry/vomit all at the same time!

I will write more later!


  1. You are right! You have GREAT shoulders and fantastic collarbones. Very sexy!

    Congratulations on the job Hollie! I am so excited for you :)

  2. haha! I love this post...mostly because I LOVE my collarbone too. I have to get to about 260 to see it but I really dig it when it is there. I also really like my legs.

    Its nice to focus on the parts of my body that I love instead of always looking in the mirror and going straight to the things I hate.

  3. Hey,
    Congrats on the new job!!!! Also, I don't really have a favorite part. I mean...I know that, right now, I am liking the definition in my arms, shoulders, and legs!!!

  4. Congrats on the job! I am a butt and hips girl. Well, when my butt and hips are in shape that is. lol!

  5. Smile...besides that my calves are pretty nice

  6. You do have awesome shoulders! CONGRATS on the job :)

  7. I like my waist! I mean it's not small, but it looks small compared to my hips and bust, i'm all curves! :-)

    Congrats on getting the job! That's fantastic!

  8. I love my calves and high cheek bones! different ends of me. I love how my calves look in skirts. I'm trying to pick up running and my calves really show all my effort and strength.

    Holly! congrats on the job! Wonderful news

  9. My legs! They've always been skinnier than my upper body. LOL.

  10. Wooooohooooo - congratulations on getting the job!!!!!

  11. You are gorgeous! my favorite is my upper arms, i have very defined muscles in them even at 250lbs. Congrats on the job!

  12. Congrats on the job! Your eyes are very pretty as well! :)

  13. Yay for getting the job, how exciting! My favorite part is starting to become my tummy... I love how little it is becoming.

  14. Congratulations on the job! Fantastic news!!! My best feature, well...hummm...thinking....ummm....oh wow...some people say I have nice eyes. I am just now getting to the point where I can look at myself in the mirror. Not the make-up mirror, but a real mirror. Like at the gym, can't really say there's too much to like just yet. I working on it! Love your pictures!! Hugs!

  15. Congrats on getting a new job! Your reaction sounds exactly like me. I need to go back to your older posts to see what type of job you've gotten.

    I agree with you about the weight - I finally hit the '70s (still doing my own version of Medifast) a week or so ago and I feel as if I look a bit sexier, but unlike you (lucky girl!) I'm simply down to 2 chins now instead of 3. I've always had a big fat face, regardless of my size.

    I hate to say this, but I don't have a favorite body part. Each part looks fat to me.

  16. AWESOME NEWS about the job! Congratulations!!!

    As far as parts go, I think my feet are the best. Kinda funny, but true. :)

    Curl Up and Diet

  17. CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!!!

  18. Congrats on the job!! That's wonderful news! (And yes, your collarbones look great!)

    Keep up the great work!

  19. Beautiful shoulders and collarbone indeed!!!

    Congrats on the job!!

  20. Yes you do look sexy! LOL!! My favorite part of my body are my legs. They are always toned and nicely shaped and when I lose weight they just look mad sexy!!!
    Congratulations on the job!! GEt it Girl!!!!

  21. Well done on the job.

    I love my eyes and ears.

    It's great to see people (especially ladies) taking a moment to appreciate what's great about their bodies. We only have one of them and they are amazing.

    Thanks for the inspiration


  22. you look fabulous, Hollie!

    YAY!!! on the job! Great news! Congratulations!!!

  23. I enjoyed reading your blog. Hang in there on the diet, girl, it is always tough.


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