Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New pics; New friends!

This is me, today - day 1 of Weight Watchers. 300.2 lbs. Size 22 pants. Size 18/20 shirt.


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  1. Good luck..I will be with you on your journey! :0)

  2. I am too excited for you!! Good luck sweety.. Were gonna knock em all dead.. It may not be THIS summer, but by next summer for sure!! lol..

  3. I am really proud of you for never giving up, Hollie. You've been such a great support to me for a long, long time and I really appreciate that! I hope you do GREAT on WW!

  4. Good luck!!! I will be following your journey :)

  5. Not for nothing, Hollie ... you look better at 300 than I do at 237. I love the pink top.
    Congratulations on taking this step in taking control. I wish you all the very best success!

  6. Yay, good luck! I relate to so much of the stuff you write about. Looking forward to reading about all of your victories to come.

  7. Hi Hollie! Thank you so much for adding a link to my blog on your website. It's much appreciated. I will add you as a friend on Facebook so i can follow you there!

    Good luck tomorrow on your interview! Make sure you wear something that you feel *pretty* and comfortable in, because it will give you a sense of confidence that will spill over to the interviewer. :-)


  8. Thank you for the pictures! I love to see pictures of the body that bloggers are ready to leave behind. You got it mama!

  9. Bring it, Hollie! Cheering for you from across the country!!!

  10. Woot!!!! Great job! :) I <3 that color, btw!

  11. I would look like a big blob in hot pink and white, but you look awesome! Good luck with WW - don't feel guilty - it is just a tool...

  12. Hi Hollie,
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    I recently started eating right and replaced one meal a day with a healthy shake. The shake I am drinking has all the fruits and vegetables and vitamins that are required for one day. It fills me up and tastes delicious.... I no longer crave fast food and I have the energy back that I had in my teen years....
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    Regards and nice blogging,


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