Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making time for ME!

Over the past few days, I have been juggling about 100 balls in the air. I am almost at the end of my rope... literally. But Saturday at 12 noon will officially be the end of our school year. That means I am OFF until June 7! I am almost done with my plans for summer school, so now I just need to catch up on my coursework for my Master's program. Whew!

I have made several decsions about this summer that will hopefully help me get on track for the summer:

1. I am re-joining the gym. This will serve two purposes: to get back into a fitness routine and for my family to have pool access for the summer. It is getting HOT in Tennessee, so a gym membership will allow me to exercise no matter how hot it gets. Last summer, it worked out really well. I would exercise for an hour or so while the kids were in childcare, then we would all change into swim clothes and we would go swimming.

2. I am going to get back into clean eating for myself and the kids. We have been slacking off for the past two weeks. I've been letting fast food creep back in, which has to stop now. We are still not bringing the bad stuff in the house in grocery form, so we have not completely reverted back to our old ways. But I want to get a grip before my kids get too used to eating bad stuff again.

3. Starting June 1 I am going to detox from sugar again. I have been weaning myself off sodas since Friday. I drank my last one with dinner last night. So now, it's time to get rid of sugar. I have done it once, I know I can do it again. My body doesn't like sugar, so I need to kick the habit.

I am waiting until June 1 because I know I will be at home, in a controlled environment. There will be no excuses, like running late for work or being in a hurry. We were planning a trip to Florida for the week, but I cancelled it last night. I need a week for ME. I need a week to relax and just have some peace and quiet at home before summer school begins. I know my kids were disappointed, but they will get over it.


  1. Your kids might be disappointed now but boy oh boy will they thank you later. I wish that I had learned a lot more about eating healthy from my mom. It is much harder on your own.

  2. Good for you. I would love a week just for myself.

  3. Good for you for taking the step to put your needs first! As Moms I think we get so wrapped up in pleasing the kids that we forget that we need to take care of ourself first sometimes. :)

  4. There is MAJOR importance in taking time out for YOURSELF(Me time = sanity lol)!!! So you go girl! =)

    I am a new follower of your blog & I just wanted to let you know that your words from 1st post to this recent post have been inspiring! Keep up the great work!

    -- Alexis Marie

  5. I've ditched the sugar, too and I have never felt better this past week!

    Good luck! I know you can do it!

  6. Sugar is the best thing to get ride of! I don't even miss it anymore.

  7. I admire your determination, you've got to let yourself slip every now and then to re new your motivation, keep up the good work! good luck with cutting out sugar!

    If you need any tips and advise let me know, just drop me a comment at
    barrettsfitness.blogspot.com, I would love to keep up to date with your progress!


  8. Those sound like great goals. Keep rocking it! You're doing wonderfully!

  9. You're exactly right; you need a week just for you!!! A week of rejuvenation!!! By the way, great job not letting all of the bad habits creep back in.

  10. Can't wait to share "clean eating" techniques & ideas! I had to make this choice. 6x with cancer means it's simply no longer a choice of desire but a choice of life!!!! Time to clean my system of all these chemicals.

    BTW.. I'm amazed how wonderful food WITHOUT the added chemicals tastes! If people only KNEW the changes we've accepted. I never thought about it til now!

  11. I hope you stick to your goals and join the gym, detox and eat healthy clean food. So often we make these decisions in our minds but fail to put them in practice.
    Good Luck
    DeAnna Dubois

    Free - Lose 12lbs In 14 Days

  12. Awesome!! Great list :) Nothing wrong with ME time :)

  13. Good for you! Way to recognize your needs and follow through.

    Another reason you're deserving of the blog award I already left you. Check out my latest post.



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