Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally... time off!

Today is my offical first day of summer...

I got to sleep in (until 7 a.m., lol) and had my lawn mowed by noon! I am thinking about grilling for dinner tonight, so I wanted to get it done. It's been a while since I mowed the yard myself and it kicked my butt! In a little over an hour, I burned over 1000 calories! My body is so SORE right now!

Here is a pic from Friday night. I went to a birthday party for a friend, and one of my old friends from college came to surprise ME for my birthday! We had so much fun - it was so good to see her. She just moved back to this area, so we MUST keep in touch!

I am getting excited about the upcoming sugar detox. In the past, I would be binging on anything sweet because "I can't have it anymore." But over the past several days, I have found myself not even wanting sugar! I am CHOOSING to limit my sugar now, and I think it will help the detox. I am also drinking more water.

I also don't have any major food plans for Memorial Day. I will grill, but nothing more/less than I would do for a regular dinner. No dessert planned. And I feel good about it.

Tomorrow, I join the gym! It's time to get my butt in motion and use this time off to concentrate on ME.


  1. Hollie,
    I LOVE your determination and great goals. Great job mowing the lawn and burning all those calories... that would have wasted me! Grilling sounds so yummy and I love detoxing from sugar. Have a great weekend!!


  2. Good for you on having a plan and doing one that you know will work for you!!

  3. Great job on the lawn!

    I'm excited for your sugar detox, too! I've been off sugar for 2 weeks and feel awesome! I'll be blogging about my experience so far, tomorrow :)

  4. How do you detox? I've never done it before but it sounds good =) lol if you could post what you do to detox that would be awesome!

    Great job on your decision to join a gym...I just signed up for Group Fitness classes at my gym the other day & have found that it not only makes working out more fun but it also helps make new friends with similar goals (weight loss and the strive for a healthy life)...Keep up the good work Hollie!

    Alexis Marie: Journey to Milf-hood

  5. look at you. I say this every time...but you are gorgeous..honestly. Have fun. I said to myself this morning..what is one food group in your life that doesn't make you happy and that you're constantly going for..and the answer was sugar. It's so true cause in the past I would have binged and said 'TOMORROW'. But today I had this weird sentiment of 'NOW'. BOOYAH!

  6. Great job on having a plan! Woohoo for your first day of summer too.

  7. I just started reading your blog a few days ago and I'm totally hooked :) I hope you have a fabulous week off and that your sugar detox keeps going well!

  8. I realized that I am in need of a total sugar detox and it is scary to see that sugar is in so many products. I'm going to do it though! I think that it will help me move out of the slump I'm in.


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