Friday, April 16, 2010

Revising my goals...

Have any of you ever read Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project? It is a blog that I stumbled across yesterday and I LOVE it. The woman who writes the blog has vowed to eat school lunch where she works every day this year.

Today’s entry is a Q&A with a real “lunch lady” who wrote in and volunteered to answer questions from a first person perspective. It is SO insightful – and pretty much sums up what I already thought was happening behind the scenes. I work at a school, and I don’t blame the workers for the crappy food. I blame the powers-that-be.

My own school lunch project is going GREAT! My kids were very happy with their lunches yesterday, and wanted to make sure they still got to take their lunch today. I reminded them we were going to do this EVERY DAY and they were very happy. Even my oldest raved about how good her salad was and how her friends say they are going to start bringing their lunch, too. She loves being the trend-setter!

Last night I had two soccer practices AND had to mow the lawn. I was cutting it close on time after doing the yard work, so I knew I wouldn’t have time to grill the tilapia I had partially thawed. I threw the fish in the refrigerator so we could have that tonight, and instead I packed us a picnic dinner to take to soccer practice! Last week’s Hollie would have driven through the drive-through, but not the new and improved Hollie!

I made turkey and cheese sandwiches on whole-grain bread (the only kind I ever use). I had a few individual bags of chips leftover from our vacation that I threw in for convenience (and to get rid of them). I dug out my mini-cooler and filled it with ice and bottles of water. Oh, and I also brought along a container of grapes. The two oldest ate their food while I was practicing soccer with the baby and her team… then when my son practiced me and the baby ate our dinner. It worked out perfect!

Mowing the lawn is such a workout, I didn’t do my walk during practice yesterday. I was just so wore out. All I could think about when I got home was a hot shower and my bed! But I got our lunches packed, first, since that now has to be my routine. I have to admit… I do love the way our lunch bags look lined up in the ‘fridge when I am done! And getting the work done at night also gives me time to THINK about what I am putting in there. I really try to balance the protein, fat, and carbs.

For the past week I have been concentrating on getting out of the “diet” mindset, and get into more healthy patterns of eating. The food I am eating is DEFINITELY healthy, and I feel like I am making good choices. But there are certainly a few things that still need to be worked on.

One is tracking. I ordered a food journal off Amazon (because I can usually stick to written journals better than online journals). Hopefully, it will be here today or tomorrow, and even if it isn’t, my plan is to start tracking this weekend. I know I am eating A LOT more than I need to – even if it is healthy food. Tracking will hopefully make me more aware, and will also help me with the second thing I want to work on, which is…

Portion control! Oh, yeah… I definitely have portion distortion. I am they type that needs to measure everything to get it right. But I have the tools (including a new digital food scale)! Tracking and measuring will definitely help me get to wear I need to be.

Because I am not on a diet, I am not restricting myself to a certain number of calories. Right now, I just want to see what the numbers are, and if tracking alone can start helping me cut back and make better choices. I am starting slow – trying to do the things that I know will help me for a lifetime. I also want to be accountable.

Last goal to work on this weekend is to get my WATER drinking back to where it needs to be. I am either drowning in water or dehydrated... what's up with that?
I am also going to start trying something else new… but I will talk more about that later! (No, it’s NOT another diet!)


  1. Portion distortion? I knew something bad was happening on my plate, but I had no idea it had a name...

    Glad the school lunch deal is a big hit. Helping our kids eat better is just as important as us losing this weight if you ask me.

  2. Water is my goal this week also!

  3. I've read and heard so many different things about water. I used to try to drink 6 (8 oz.) glasses of water a day. Now I drink so much more than that especially since I've been running 4 times a week. Now I've heard that you only drink when you're thirsty. Who knows?!?!

  4. I stumbled upon that same blog the other day. I spent the afternoon reading all of the entries! I found it to be quite enlightening.

    I like you idea about your food journal. Will be a great tool for you to identify how you can make changes that will help you reach your goals.

    Keep moving in this positive direction!

  5. It sounds to me like you're doing fantastic! I'm so happy for you!

    The school lunches are a big pet peeve with me. I really hope they can do something to get it all straightened out for good.

    Teaching my kids healthy habits like exercise and portion control is so important to me because I don't want them to end up like I did. Here's hoping that they never do.

  6. You sound like you are on the right track and are happy with your decisions. I think that is so important!!! Good for you !


  7. I bought this thick plastic gallon jug and I try to drink it every day during work (filled with water, of course). It is so hard, but the trips to the bathroom are starting to decrease (which makes me think my system is FINALLY getting used to it).

  8. A couple years ago I lost quite a bit of weight and found that keeping a food journal helped tremendously! (But I was counting calories.) It helped me finally learn portion control. Good luck!

    I found a website;, that has some healthy madeover recipes you might be interested in. The apple blueberry walnut crisp is in the oven right now from that site. It smells great!! Only 1/4 c. sugar and no butter!!

  9. I just love your blog : ) I like that your children and their eating are such a big part of what you're doing for you.

    One step in front of the other!

  10. I want to start off by saying that I am jealous that you can mow your lawn.. We are still shoveling snow here! Second thing I want to say, is way to get your kids on board. School lunches are gross and smell like crap. I have heard you are suppose to drink half your weight in oz of water... and if I you were suppose to only drink when you were thirsty... I would still be drinking all the time:)

  11. Portion Distortion- I like that! I think you're on the right track Hollie, eating good food and watching portions. Definitely drink water and make the kidneys and liver do their job. Are you doing any strength building exercise- weights pushups, etc.? That would help boost your metabolism more than just walking. Keep up the good work! You're an inspiration!


  12. I love your post, I could have wrote the second 1/2 myself. Let's do this together, you can never have too much support.

  13. Hollie, I am smiling ear to ear to hear how well things are going! I cant wait to see how good everyone starts to feel by eating healthier and getting more activity!

    Wow, I just love how by making a few changes and good choices that your children are already spreading the word!

    You should feel so proud! :)

    Love and health,

    ~Mama Twana

  14. I just found your blog and I totally agree with your decision. I'm not a calorie counter; I don't want to add points and what not. I want to eat reasonably sized healthy meals. A LIFESTYLE change!

    One thing I've done to help with the proportion distortion is to use small plates. If I eat the food on the small plate and *wait* 15 minuts, I find that I'm full.

  15. Awesome job Hollie! You are definitely running in the right direction! Keep up the great job and thanks for the motivation!


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