Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 1/21 - Almost there!

Today started off strong, and seems like it will end on a good note! I was not on plan as far as eating goes, so I will be starting over tomorrow! I will start over every day until I get it right! I did get in exercise and all my water, and I didn't binge!

Breakfast: 1 egg, 3 egg whites, scrambled in 1 tsp. olive oil w/ ½ cup red/yellow/orange diced peppers and 2 c. baby spinach. Topped w/1/5 oz. fat free shredded cheddar cheese. I made this and ate it after I got to work because I woke up late (around 7:45 a.m.). This was good and filling, but I wasn’t really “feeling” it. I wanted sugar, not veggies.

A.M. snack: 10:45 a.m. – S’mores crunch bar (Medifast, forgot to take a picture)

Lunch: Cinnamon Pretzels (Medifast)

And downhill from there... Let's just say I should have got all the Easter candy out of the house. By the time I got home I was feeling like crap from the detox, and when I saw the candy I attacked it like a maniac, lol. But even though I messed up, I didn't keep going. I had a well-balanced dinner (grilled chicken, green beans, sweet potato fries) after I went on a walk.

I have been reflective about my weight loss journey all day today. I was totally pissed off and motivated by the scale at the same time this morning… 301.2. WTF? I can’t BELIEVE I gained back all of the weight I lost on Medifast, except for 1 lb! That also means I have gained 10 lbs since last Thursday. Ugh. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER going to do this sh*t again! Damn!

But the number depressed me deeply. After I caved and had the candy when I got home, I really wanted to scrap the walk I had planned. See, my baby’s soccer practice was cancelled, so I officially had the afternoon FREE today! I planned to walk for at least 30 minutes, and even though I messed up in the food department, and knew I was going to start my "day 1" again tomorrow, I walked anyway! For 36 minutes. I actually walked to CVS to pick something up - thought it would change things around a little bit. The walk felt good, and made me feel like less of a failure.

I decided to have a healthy dinner, but did elect to eat the rest of the bag of sweet potato fries I had in the freezer (one serving). I got a trash bag out and threw away everything in my kitchen that was tempting in any way! If I was about 50% with it today, I can make it to 100% tomorrow. I know I can. But I have to come off the sugar - I have to eliminate it from my body and my brain if this is ever going to work.

Tomorrow is a new (busy) day. In the morning I have to take the baby to the doctor to get her stitches removed... did I mention she busted her head open while we were out of town Saturday? Yeah... five stitches on her forehead! After work, I have class and after class I have three soccer practices to juggle. That means I can get plenty of exercise. Running around with the baby's team that I co-coach, and then while my son is practicing I plan on walking around the track.


I have a new gadget that I used today that I am also going to use tomorrow. It's an interval timer by Gymboss, but it also has a stopwatch option so I can keep up with the exact time I am walking (which is good when I have to stop a lot or get interrupted by my kids).

Jake at Gymboss sent it to me for free to try out about a month or so ago, but today is the first day I actually used it! I do like it, and I think it would be perfect for someone doing Couch to 5K, or intervals at the gym. I think they are around $20 each, and can be purchased at

Speaking of gadgets, I REALLY want a heart rate monitor. I had one before, but it went crazy when I was near anything electrical or wore my Ipod. I would like one that monitors my heart rate and counts calories. PLEASE... any suggestions are appreciated!


  1. I use the Polar F7 and it has changed the way I workout totally. You program your age, weight, height in the watch. You wear the transmitter around around your chest (you can't feel it at all) and it tells you what you're burning. It also stores your workouts for the week so you can look at how many calories you burned total at the end of the week. One of my best investments yet. You can also get the F6 on sale at Amazon.

  2. I have days like this too, probably more often than I'd like to admit.
    I wake up with all of the best intentions, eat a healthy and filling breakfast followed by and great lunch but lose all control before dinner.

    Tomorrow is a new day!

  3. Here is to a good day for you tomorrow!!

    I just got a heart rate monitor and it seems to work really well. I got the gizmo that transfers the data to my computer when I am done..but that is not totally necessary. Here is the link to my post about it:

  4. I know all about the leftover candy problem! I think you and I might be prone to the same moods--I always feel like throwing in the towel when I've suffered defeat with the scale, but if I can talk myself into going for a walk or a swim or whatever, it's like an internal reset button and I'm ready to face another day.

    Hope today is going really well for you!

  5. I just found your blog and I want to tell you good luck with your journey!

  6. Hi Holly,
    I've been following your Blog but still have some catching up to do!! I just wanted to leave you a comment about Heart Rate Monitors. I use the Polar F6 & I LOVE it. It's been the best investment next to my new Nike Shox for working out! You don't have to get the F6, there are other models of the Polar HRM. I got it off Amazon. Here's the link:

    I'm off to continue reading you Blog, which I love! Keep your head up and let's do this!!!



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