Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick update!

On the way to take my Praxis test (pray for me!), but I wanted to update really quick!

* Traveling to Florida with the kiddos today... excited but nervous about a long solo road trip!
Stayed on plan during my mini-vacay, so I have not doubt I can do it in Florida.

* I have lost 16 lbs during the 8 days I've been on Medifast. It come off fast at first (water weight), but I am still steadily losing.

* My crazy ass is taking the scale to FL. Daily weigh-ins are keeping me accountable!

I hope to check in, but I am not sure if my in-laws have Internet. I can update via Twitter or Facebook with my phone. Follow me - I'm on both sites as SkinnyHollie!



  1. You are doing remarkable well on you new diet plan. Congratulations! You are in Florida my neck of the woods. I hope you have a great time!

  2. Hey! Good going Hollie! i am going to be reading your blog and watching your progress! Walt

  3. You probably are feeling a lot lighter with those 18 pounds gone.

    Good on ya!

  4. Amazing weight lost.. You are doing great. Have a good time in Florida.

  5. You're taking the scale with you. You're crazy! But really way to go with the weight loss. Keep it up :)

  6. I'm also doing Medifast and it has been amazing for me. Good luck with the Praxis test. I was a teacher and took it. It wasn't that bad!

  7. Enjoy your trip. My daughter just took the kids down to Florida to be with her husband who is temporarily working there. Have fun. Thanks for the "follow me on Twitter" info...I now do so.

    Best of luck and have fun...

    The Old Guy...Don

  8. Just discovered your blog! I'm really enjoying it - if you get a chance check out mine -

  9. Hi! I am so happy that I found your blog. I just started my own at I would love any advice you have. Thanks for the inspiration and great reading! Hugs, Kirsten


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