Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am NOT a quitter!

Ok, so I am still off plan. I ate pretty healthy today until dinner... I don't feel out of control, but I am NOT on plan. I was still very tore about whether I should or should not continue Medifast until I got this email today from one of the nutritionists at Medifast...

I think the 5&1 may not be enough for you. In addition to the things I mentioned above, not eating enough can also effect one’s weight loss efforts. I’d recommend trying the 4 & 2 Plan – this is simply 4 Medifast meals and 2 FULL Lean & Greens. It provides ~1000 to 1200 calories. Keeping your carbohydrate intake to less than 100 grams consistently will get you to and keep you in the fat-burning state.

Let me explain that a little bit…

Carbohydrate is the body’s main source of energy. When carbohydrate intake is restricted, the body must find another source of energy. We have plenty of the alternative fuel source that the body can use – fat! We call this the ‘fat-burning state’ (also known as ketosis.) A fat-burning state allows the body to "tap into" energy reserves stored on the body. Even though the body is consuming 800-1000 calories through food while following the 5&1 meal plan, it still has ample energy (a.k.a. calories) available via the adipose tissue and stored fat. Fat yields 9 calories per gram, so fat cells contain a concentrated source of energy and because the meal plan induces a fat-burning state, the body can now "tap into" these concentrated stores for the additional energy it needs. Thus, it recognizes a caloric deficit adequate to create weight loss but not slow metabolism to the point of a "conservation mode" if the meal plan is followed as written. The 5&1 Plan also provides an adequate amount of protein (at least 72 grams per day) to help protect the lean body mass (muscle stores) against becoming depleted and therefore works to maintain a person's metabolism. Keep in mind, there isn’t a ‘normal’ metabolism per se. As one loses weight, the body doesn’t need as much energy/calories for it to function. Additionally, Medifast recommends eating every 2-3 hours. Not only does this help to maintain more stable blood glucose levels (and thus ward off potential hunger which may lead to over-eating), but it also helps to protect the body from feeling deprived. This consistent source of incoming energy means the body will not "dip into" muscle stores for energy and will use the energy more liberally (in "science talk" this means the thermogenic effect of the food will continue to be high and more of the energy will be used.)

We recently published a study that found that lean muscle mass, as a percent of total body weight, was significantly increased after 4 months of weight loss and 6 months of weight maintenance on the Medifast plan while % body fat decreased significantly. This supports the claim that the Medifast diet is “clinically” proven to promote fat loss, not muscle loss."

There was more to the email, but this was the part that I liked. I am comfortable with 1200 calories, and I am comfortable with eating more REAL food, including veggies, good fats, and protein. Two of my meals will consist of 3 servings of veggies and 5 - 7 oz. of lean meat or protein. This will also mean I can really start exercising again, and have the energy to do it. Because I am not a quitter, I will give this a whole-hearted try... on MONDAY.

I have made last-minute plans to skip town this weekend for Easter. I am off on Friday, so I will leave Friday morning and return Sunday night. It was one of those things that sounded like fun, so I was like, "why not!". Since I really want to give this 100%, I think its best to wait until Monday to start. I was happy with Medifast when I was losing weight, so maybe this modification to the plan can work better for me? I at least have to give it a try, and REALLY TRY! No excuses.

Just like Lyn said, I have to do WHATEVER it is I am going to do 100% for it to work. And like someone else said, I have to be consistant and give it a chance to work before I throw in the towel. I will keep doing Medifast until I either see results or I have spent enough time on it to say I honestly tried my best.

BTW...I got on the scale this morning and was down for the first time in a week! My goal is to make it through the next five days without totally screwing up my progress. Just because I am not on Medifast again until Monday doesn't give me permission to go crazy! I know how I need to eat, and I know I can do this!


  1. Good Luck Hunny on your weight loss journey. I'm continueing to lose weight I guess my biggest thing is it's not coming off as fast as I want it to or think it should.

  2. Good luck to you. My cousin is doing a version of the medfast. she has a shake for breakfast and one for dinner and a normal lunch. She says this is working for her.

    I found that adding protein pwder to my diet really helps me. I make a shae with fruits and ice cubes and sometimes yogurt. If I drink that 2 times a day or more it helps to keep away the "crazies". That's what I call it when the sun goes down and I want to eat EVERYTHING.

    Also ofcourse as much fruits veggies, nuts, beans etc as you can. This all should help.

    Oh, broth, soup and smoothies, too.


  3. Is this a diet or do u think you can do this forever like a lifestyle change???? I mean I'm interested in this that's why I'm asking. And if you stop do you think the weight will come back on or is this just to lose the weight? and then change the way you eat all around?

  4. I loved what Lyn said about doing whatever plan we choose to do, wholeheartedly. Great advice!

    And welcome to the Spring Challenge. If it works for you like for me and others, it will be that little kick in the tush to keep you on track, and add some fun to the journey.

    Have a great Easter weekend trip, and see ya on Monday!


  5. Good on Medifast for the explanation. I don't think one size fits all, however, I LOVE Medifast. It has changed my life. I stick with it. I do find that when I go off plan for a meal now and again, it seems to help me drop weight. Likely the same theory as 2 full meals with a few more calories helps to rev it up a bit. I can't wait to hear how this works for you.

  6. It's great that Medifast has other options, and the 4 and 2 sounds like it might be a better fit for you. Good luck with it - and thanks for your sweet comment today!


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