Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to REFOCUS!

Wow... Does this happen every year? Everyone starts off so strong on January 1 with their weight loss goals and plans for healthy living. The gym is packed and everyone is on a diet. Then around mid-February, everyone loses that momentum and it's back to the same old bad habits. I am totally guilty of this every year. And today, as I was eating a donut and drinking a cup of coffee, I realized that I am totally losing focus on this journey...AGAIN. The question is... am I going to keep going down this path, or get my butt in gear?

I am most definitely gonna stop the madness NOW! The past two weekends have been TERRIBLE! As I was driving around, running errands this evening, I took some time to reflect on WHY I am veering off track:

1. Due to an unusual amount of winter weather in TN, my children and I have been having way too many days off from school and our structure is out the window!
2. My daughter is doing after-school tutoring and getting ready to go on a science trip at school and almost every afternoon she is late coming home from school... which pushes my gym trip after dinner... then I am tired and losing momentum...
3. I am not preparing my lunch and supplements at night like I am supposed to...
4. I have stopped saying "no" to people who offer me food that is NOT on my plan.
5. I have started dating again... which has equaled late-night snacking, eating out, and too much wine!

The good thing is that I am gonna get back on track NOW instead of waiting until I have completely fell of the wagon. Right now, I don't feel like I am at the starting over point... just at the point where I need to get my priorities straight. I admit that when I start having fun, I lose focus. But part of this journey is learning how to have fun AND stay focused on my eating and exercise. It really helps that my new man is 100% supportive of me and my weight loss and encourages me so much to be my personal best. We talked tonight about how we have BOTH lost focus of our goals and priorities, and we are going to push each other to get back on track.

I am gonna crack open my Fat Flush book tonight and devise a plan for a detox starting TOMORROW MORNING. I just got the call that school has been cancelled tomorrow, so I also plan to have a long gym trip tomorrow, too! I have been really wanting a pedicure, so I decided that would be a good treat for me on Sunday if I can stay on plan 100% for the next 5 days (Tues - Sat). I am also going to start a new IntroLeague challenge to carry me into Spring Break (stay tuned for more details).

Let's NOT lose focus just because the "newness" of the "new year" has worn off... this journey is 365!


  1. Great job putting the brakes on the madness before it gets too out of control. Being able to identify the reasons you've gotten a bit off track & having a plan for getting back on track excellent. I know you'll be successful, so enjoy your pedicure on Sunday! :)

  2. You did it - and got honest! Woot! Honesty with ourselves is one of the keys I am sure. Burying our heads in the sand, and fibbing to ourselves is what we do, and to take time to lift your head and see it for what it is, is good. Make all your good intentions come good, intentions without action is nothing :)...far be it for me to teach grandma to suck eggs, but 'get acting'


  3. Hang in there Hollie ! There is no shame in falling off the wagon- only in falling off and letting the wagon roll over us and crush the life out of us ! The past is the past- it's a new day and right now, right this minute it is dawn of a brand new day. It is the only thing you have control over and it is going to be awesome !

  4. I think it's time for me to refocus too, so I'm right there with ya! :)

  5. Thank you for your timely reminder. I, too, have been losing motivation. Not completely, just enough to keep me weighing the same for 2 weeks :(

  6. You're right, the journey is 365 days a year not January! lol Sometimes it's really easy and sometimes it's terribly difficult to keep focused--but our health never takes a break. So I do the "fake it til I make it" attitude to get me by when it's not easy.

    Best wishes!

  7. Interesting post. The wine is really more dangerous at keeping the weight on than you think. I have been doing the P90X fitness plan for 100 days now and lost 13lbs. It's been really motivation and even fun to do this system. You can see my before and after pics on my blog. - Jamie http//

  8. Try moderation when you eat out. Eat smaller portions, and don't eat until you feel "stuffed like a pig" as my mother likes to call it. You can stick to eating healthy and losing weight and still eat when you go out. But if that's hard, you can eat before you go out and you'll be less hungry once at the restaurant.

    I think what makes weight loss goals so difficult to keep is that people set their goals to high. It's better to say, "I'd like to lose ten pounds," and work on losing those ten before adding ten more pounds to the weight loss goal than it is to say, "I need to lose fifty pounds." God that's like a recipe for disaster. Those fifty pounds become a nightmare goal that seems unreachable without some crazy diet and sacrificing everything. The brain seems to go into overdrive trying to convince you not to put your body through that.

    I hope you meet your goals this year and all the years that follow.

  9. I am so there with you, Hollie! I think the weather here in KY is the same as you have been getting in TN and it sucks! I am so over this winter! I found some super cute new workout clothes the other day and it got me somewhat re-motivated. Shallow, I know, but whatever works.
    Hope you get your groove back. I love your blog, you are a big inspiration to me. Good luck!

  10. AMEN!! I've fallen off track the past 2 weeks as well, and definitely b/c I feel like the "newness" has worn off. But I'm getting back into it now! Good luck to you!


  11. We all fall occasionally, but it is a lifestyle change, afterall. Routine begs for vacation once in a while. Don't punish, just hop back on and enjoy the ride.

    I like reading your blog. You are inspiring me, that is also part of the journey.

    Good luck.

  12. Stay focused and good job remotivating yourself!

  13. One bad day isn't gonna hurt you. You can do it!

  14. I know just what you mean about going off schedule. That happens to me all the time. Things just don't go according to plan. The other night I had a simple healthy meal waiting for me, and surprise surpries, a very good friend had just gotten a promotion and insisted on taking me out to celebrate! There went the healthy low cal meal. My friends and I are trying to lose weight as well, and have decided to blog our journey from flab to fit and fab as well. Any tips would be so very welcome.
    My blog:

  15. Great job for recognizing that you're off track and taking the steps to get back on. I've had to do some modifications in order to stay on track myself. Go us!

  16. You go, girl! Just go on from today. I understand ... losing weight is so complex, and so easily lost sight of, when our lives get complicated. Take care!

  17. No doubt about it that this happens every year about this time.

    I have had this same thing happen to me... I get busy with the kids or work or whatever and the next thing I know, I am totally off track.

    Love your blog.... check out mine at:


  18. Oh, I have been where you are so many times I can't even count! During my 100+ pound weight loss journey I was so up and down that I started to get sick....=O.....but as some of your other readers said the best thing to do is be honest with yourself and job right back on that horse after you fall off!


  19. It definitely is the time of year when my enthusiasm is waning! I have been trying to keep myself in check too - the progress just seems so slow.

  20. You can do it! You know what helps me? Knowing that if I follow my plan 95%, I've won the week. Just giving myself that tiny bit of breathing room makes me less likely to feel like a failure and give up. Now it's 30 pounds later and I don't even think about my diet any more -- it's just part of who I am and what I eat. Good luck!

  21. Your words ring true Hollie, so so true. I have to admit I also have found the new year gym/health buzz has started to feel a bit hazey of late.
    It is a tough slog to keep on track when we are so use to running on the same treadmill (so to speak) for so long, sometimes it just feels easier even though we know it doesn't make us happy. Keep it up & thanks for being so honest. I look forward to reading about the IntroLeague challenge you mention.

  22. Hi Hollie!

    It's not any one day, or even any week, that matters. It's how you live your life day after day, year after year. We all fall off the wagon from time to time, and those great motivational rushes tend to fade with time. It's being able to get back up on the horse and ride some more that will get you where you want to go.

    Have a great day and don't ever give up...for your own sake and your kids' sake as well! Not only are you ensuring that you will probably be there for them for many years, but you are teaching them valuable lessons by your examples and establishing them on a healthy track to guide them through their lives.

    By the way, I invite you and your readers to visit my new, and, so far somewhat unfocused blog, A Senior's ADD/ADHD Blog.

    Best wishes to all!


  23. Good for you for getting back on track. I hope you don't mind me tagging along. Your persistence to overcome obstacles and pick yourself back up is very inspiring. I just started my own weightloss journey to "onederland" in January and I'm hoping that I can learn from you and keep motivated by reading your entries and following you on your own journey.
    Good luck to you!
    Your doing awesome :)

    Onederland WannaBe


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