Monday, February 8, 2010


This weekend was "off". I was completely "off" my routine and not on plan. I went away for the weekend and didn't prepare. It's funny how you slip back into old habits when you're not prepared. But I have no regrets. I had fun, and now it's back to business. It is what it is. This is real life, and I know that these "off" periods are always going to be a part of my life. I am not excusing bad behavior, but I know that everything will not always be "perfect". My goal is that one day, I will have been on plan and living this lifestyle for so long that my "off" days won't really be "off" days at all. Does that make sense?

My plan to make up for this weekend is to be perfectly back on plan this week and to put in extra cardio time at the gym. Today's eating was at about 80% and I put in 1 1/2 hours at the gym. One hour of cardio (Bike and elliptical) and 20+ minutes of weights (upper body). After 3 days with no gym, my body was CRAVING exercise. I NEVER thought I would say that!

Tomorrow should be better as far as eating because I am going grocery shopping. I needed to go days ago but my unplanned weekend meant no grocery shopping and no laundry, lol. Like I said, it was worth it! I also drinking all my water again and have been peeing like crazy all day!

Another thing I must start doing tomorrow is journaling my food. I haven't journaled in over a week and I know that I am much more accountable when I am journaling.

Seems like there was something else I wanted to say, but I am wiped out! I promise to have more interesting things to say TOMORROW!


  1. food's tough to do but really forces you to pay attention to what your eating!

  2. Wow - you and I were at the same "Off" convention this past week. Glad I wasn't the only one. Fun's over - back to work!

  3. Congratulations on being back on track. I get so down on myself when I fall off the wagon with eatign or excersising, that I often stay off longer. I'm so impressed that you took your off week and went right back on.

    I'm thinking of joining a gym, but I'm hesitant because I feel like I'll be judged. And, the closest one to me is Bally's and their infamous in my area for suing members, getting judgements, and garnishing wages. Do you mind discussing what gym you joined and your experience with them?

  4. I think it's great that you're back in the groove. Better still that you had a great weekend with no regrets! That's the way to be. Afterall, we still want to have some fun. Congrats on putting it all behind you and starting back up again!


  5. the "bad" days make the good days good so I think its a natural part of it all. the cool thing is 1). you recognize the "bad" day and 2). you got right back on it. Go you!!! I got a chuckle from your "I never thought I'd say that" about missing working out. I lived 50 years w/o a workout and now I miss it when I miss a single day. Funny how things change. Great job and hope you had a nice time. irtistr

  6. I was too. I seem to shut down on the weekends and not want to do anything. It is great to see such awesome support on your blog. You are keeping me motivated.

    Remember, tomorrow is a new day.

  7. Good for you! I love it that you are able to recognize that we will make mistakes; however, we gotta push hard to make up for it!

  8. Sadly, I was NOT out of town and had an OFF weekend, but it was something I expected b/c of Superbowl weekend. I knew I had a week to work off the calories, so all was good! We ALL go thru OFF periods, and days we don't count points or journal our food. Just keep up the good work, and the workouts, you'll jump right back on this train!!


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