Thursday, February 25, 2010

How drastic is TOO drastic?

Guess who has strep throat? ME! I feel terrible, but at least I don’t have an appetite. Life still goes on, so I will just have to struggle through it. Hopefully I will have the TIME to go to the doctor tomorrow. We are having some “issues” at my job and I think I would be risking my job to take off. I have class tonight, and a parent meeting, and a birthday dinner to go to. Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday!

I haven’t been “perfectly” on plan, but the binging is over. I even went out to eat last night and made good choices. I drank water, and only had a few bites of my friend’s dessert. No alcohol, but I wish I could have had a stiff drink! I had to take the kiddos on a shopping excursion for my oldest daughter’s school trip next weekend. By the time we got to the restaurant they were all driving me insane! Thank goodness my friend joined us and helped me diffuse the situation and momentarily regain my sanity, lol.

I spoke with a friend today and we talked a little about the reasons behind my inability to be consistent with my diet and exercise routine. I think my major problem is that I lack TIME. Because I run out of time in my day, I fail to PREPARE my food/plan for the day and end up eating anything I can grab quickly. I really think that if food is a “no-brainer” that I could do well. I think limiting my choices will also get me back in the mindset that I need food to live, and that I need to stop living for food. I LIKE to eat, and that affects my choices.

Last Spring when I was following my friend Yvette’s eating plan, I ate mostly the same meals each day. I really didn’t get bored with it, either, because I wasn’t concentrating on the food. The food was just fuel… nothing else. I have tried to get back to that mentality, but just can’t seem to get the mojo back. I have severe portion distortion, and can’t seem to get past wanting to eat what I want, instead of what I need. Then I go back to the lack of preparation… when I am not prepared I tend to grab what I want instead of what I need. Does this make sense at all?

I am thinking of doing something sort of “drastic”. “Drastic” as in going on a “diet” where all of my food is pretty much planned out for me ahead of time. “Drastic” as in my choices will be limited, but weight loss is pretty much guaranteed. I have researching the new Medifast plan (5 of their meals, 1 that I prepare). If I can work out the financial aspect of it, I think I am gonna do it. Or at least try it and give it 100%. The prospect of having pre-made meals (that I DON’T have to prepare) that I can just grab and go with everyday is VERY appealing to me. The one meal I prepare on my own is a lean meat and veggies, which I prepare 5/7 nights at my house anyway (because even when I am not on plan I cook this for my children).

At this point, doing it "on my own" is not giving me results. Small, gradual changes is not giving me weight loss, and it is frustrating. Maybe years of yo-yo dieting have just ruined my body. I eat 100% better than did 2 years ago, but I am still "stuck". Maybe drastic is just what I need right now. But is it too drastic?

I would love to hear of any experiences/thoughts/comments you have about Medifast…


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    I'm not an advocate of prepackaged diets. I just don't think theyre sustainable. You can't live the rest of your lif that way. If youre short of time can you package your own meals and snacks ahead of time maybe once a week? Then they'll be ready to go but you have more control over putting "real" food and good ingredients in them. Good luck!

  2. Well, it is important to plan ahead. But it's also important to enjoy your food. Yes, it's fuel, but it can also be delicious. Plus, eating the same thing day after day can create allergies to that food, not to mention really limiting the range of nutrients you are getting. How about planning ahead but varying the meals and choosing some you are really excited about preparing?

    BODA weight loss

  3. Hi :)
    I don't know too much about medifast but if this is something you want to try and can afford, then I say go for it.

    I think this may be good as a "temporary" replacement and
    any loss that you see as a result of these products may give you an overall boost in mojo your looking for and allow you the time you need to re-evaluate your own weightloss plan.

    I've been using very small bowls and plates to help me get over the portion size thing. You can only put so much food in a small bowl/plate, lol
    This helps me not to overeat at home although I'm still working on the whole "portion distortion" when we eat out.

    I'm sorry to hear you have picked up strep throut too. Ugggg..I hope you get to feeling better soon.


  4. I have never done medifast, but a couple of years ago, I hit a plateau and started gaining weight back. I was so tired of thinking about food all the time that I decided to do Nutrisystem for a while. The food was okay, some things were actually quite good (others not so good). I started losing weight again and it was really just what I needed for a while. I really needed someone else to tell me what to eat and when so I could just get a break. I did it for 6 months and then went back to eating my own food and losing again.
    Any of these diet programs are a tool to use to learn changes. We all need different tools at different stages :D

  5. I'm not a fan of prepackaged foods, but if it helps get you on track & losing so you feel better about yourself then GO FOR IT! Seems like it might be a good short term solution for you, but I don't see it as something you could do for the long haul. Just my opinion...

    Hope whatever is happening at work takes care of itself quickly. Feel better soon!

  6. I have been on Medifast since June '09 and have lost 77 lbs. My goal is 100 lbs. More importantly, I've been released from medication for diabetes, high blood pressure with full expectation of complete deliverance next Monday when I check in with my doctor. I also started a blog about this weight loss journey and it helped when I felt frustrated or discouraged. I invite anyone and everyone to read me at Pat Carroll

  7. I have been on Medifast for 7 weeks now and love it! I have lost about 28 lbs. There are a few meals that aren't so hot, but 90% are tasty to me! It is great for where I work, because I get busy and stuck with customers, and it is easy to pick at a bar or sip a shake while working. I am usually not organized or motivated to do a complicated diet, and this one is so easy, no thinking necessary! (Except for counting 2-3 hours in between meals).

    Great Luck to you and I hope you feel better soon!


  8. I started Medifast a week ago and I couldn't do it ... mostly because most of the food is gross (at least in my opinion). The bars are great, and I like a couple of the snacky things. I blogged my first day .... just so you can see ....

    I don't like the drastic decrease in calories. My BMR says I need 1500 cals ... this is about 1000. Plus they say not to exercise for 2-3 weeks because of the decrease. I play tennis twice a week and I'm not about to give that up. I'd rather eat a little extra calories and exercise ... than to be on a very low amount and not exercise at all.

    I'm going to use SOME of the medifast products and incorporate them into my own. I was adding in an apple and a lite laughing cow cheese (35 cals). I had some really bad days last week and binged ... but still lost 2 pounds. Had I not binged, I would have done better. I think I binged because I felt so deprived.

    I really like the idea of eating every 2-3 hours. It really does keep your hunger from getting out of control and I know it keeps the metabolism going.

    Good luck.

  9. In the 7 months I was on Medifast (and still dabble in it) I am down 70 pounds to now be average on the BMI. It works! I will tell you my doctor is not a fan of prepackaged food (I told her after i had dropped the weight), but we both believe it helps teach when to eat, how much to eat, researching nurtitional content of food, etc. Since they are largely soy-based and adding water, what's not to like? While I realize it's expensive, it is worth EVERY dollar I spent on the food... Good luck whether you choose Medifast or another route!

  10. Hey sweets!
    I am on Medifast and on a weight loss journey of my own. I started in mid-January at 249 pounds, now I'm 233. I am also doing Overeaters Anonymous and I am getting ready to run a 5K in mid March. Here's the skinny (hahaha) on MF. It is really hard. The food isn't too bad, but if you are a carb addict like me and a social foodie (especially on weekends), it is a difficult thing to do. But I am working the plan as best I can, indulging in some slips (which they VEHEMENTLY are against) and am averaging a loss of about 2 pounds per week. Look into ketosis and see if that is what you're aiming for. It takes a lot of discipline, but you will get results. When you go off the plan, you need to maintain a similar food plan (5 100-calorie mini meals and one sensible meal). If you don't, I hear you gain it all back. For me Medifast is like isn't fun, but I have to change the overall way I eat and approach food. I hope this help you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  11. I just started Medi Fast 9 days ago and am down 8 pounds! I was on the fence about the program for a long time. Just do more research. You will get all of your nutrients, the site lets you track calories. I have more energy now than ever!

    As far as after weight loss, there is a transition and maintenance program. What I love about it is the 'my medifast site' You can sign up for it before you order. I would recommend that and look around at some of the blogs and the discussion boards. I have never seen so much positivity and support in a non-cultish kind of way!

    The plan is so easy...I'm a single mom and full time nursing student, and work full time. If you can get 4 or 8 ounces of water, you can have a meal. And if not, have a bar or pretzels!

    I am using my tax return to fund my Medifast because you are right, it's very expensive!

    Whatever you decide, good luck!

  12. Hi Hollie!!
    I am a HUGE Medifast supporter. I have been on the plan for about 6 weeks now and have lost over 35lbs. So how can I NOT support this plan? Keep in mind, I started out having over 200lbs to loose, but it has been a blessing so far.
    I travel a lot and let me tell you, nothing is easier than Medifast when it comes to grab and go food. Just put your meals in a ziploc bag and eat every 2-3 hours.
    Glad that you researched the plan. Good luck to you. Stick to it and you will truly, truly be amazed at the results!!

  13. Hi! I did and am doing Medifast again. It does get the weight off, but it is difficult. I lost 35 lbs in 3 months.
    The weight can come back on fast if you aren't careful.
    The positive thing I will say, is it really taught me how much food I actually need (much less than I thought).
    I would encourage it, even if it's just for a month to get you started. I find Weight Watchers does not work for me to lose weight, but it's a good maintenance guideline.

  14. MediFast is a great way to lose weight quickly while learning about portion control, preparing healthy meals, and gaining a sense of control over food. The thing about MediFast is that if you fully commit, you will consistently see results. It is a low-carb that puts you in a light state of ketosis (fat-burning stage) while delivering you over 100% of 24 vitamins and minerals and ongoing fuel for your body all day long. MF is not one that you can "modify" successfully (in my opinion), but once you commit and get in the groove, it is easy to follow!! I was almost 300 pounds at Christmas of 2008, lost 20 pounds by Thanksgiving of 2009 just by being careful... the November 30th I started MediFast and in the 12 weeks I have been on it I have lost 58 pounds!! My results are not "typical" for women as we should lose an average of 2-4 pounds per week. My husband started a week after me and has lost 51 pounds. We don't "cheat" or modify the plan and we understand that even when we reach goal we will need to do the transition process for about 9-12 weeks to be sure that we have learned the habits necessary to eat healthy and normal foods and amounts. I don't know what your goals are, but I needed to lose 123 pounds and nothing before had worked. MediFast is not for everyone, but for me it is the blessing that has changed my life. I hope your strep passes soon, strep is HORRIBLE.

  15. Time management really is such an important part of weight loss. Hopefully with the weekend coming up you'll be able to find some free time to help you achieve your goals! Best of luck

  16. My boyfriend and I have been doing Medifast since Jan. 1. He has lost 22 lbs and I have lost 15 lbs. There are definitely some of the foods we like, and some we don't like, but if you can make it thru the first two weeks, you'll really start noticing a change in how you feel and your energy level. The first two weeks are tough though...just know that going in...

  17. I haven't researched the Medifast diet.... but I've thought about other ones before... I tried a few that were disgusting... I'm not really an advocate for pre-packaged food.... BUT... I feel... (and this is how I make my own decisions for me) If this is gonna be what help moves you along and helps with your lifestyle, I am all for it. You may do this for a while... loose a little more weight and get to a place where you can be in more control again. Think it out and be honest with yourself. I also know that as soon as you go off Medifast or what have you... if you haven't changed the behavior then the weight will return... so keep that in mind. I'm here for you :o)
    I also nominated you for an award on my blog!!

  18. I hear your what you're saying! I don't have children and it's hard not just to do the right thing, but to stay motivated in the process.

    I'm not sure what to think of pre-packaged diets. I was actually on the gastric bypass approval track before I decided that this was just something I'd have to learn. Losing it may be easy but sustained weight loss is another story.

    You don't have to be perfect. Even if you're good 80% of the time it's a success. A blogger I follow did a similar (if no the same) diet you're looking into. Check it out -

  19. Hi,
    I don't think it is too drastic but you may get tired of paying for food and then still having to cook for the kiddies. However, if you really are feeling stuck then maybe this well be a nice change of pace. I am just glad to hear you are not giving up. I wish you the best of luck!

  20. I'm with some of the other people. I think if its what you need to kickstart you, and you feel it would be a good tool for you, then go ahead and do it.

    But here's the thing. Eventually you will have to get back to making your own food. If you're willing to spend money, I would try it on something else, maybe Weight Watchers (I know it seems silly, but I know a few people who weighed quite a lot and they've had great success with it while learning valuable tools), or even (for something free) Sparkpeople online. I've only been following you for a little while, and its clear you have a hectic schedule. I can tell you from experience and from what they suggest to healthcare workers: you can't take care of others unless you're taking good care of yourself. If Medifast is going to help you take proper care of yourself, then do it. But think about it. If you're willing to spend the money, find the program that is going to help you focus on you. :)

    Hope you feel better and recover from that strep throat soon. And don't let it go unchecked. It can get pretty bad pretty quickly.

  21. Hi Hollie,

    I just happened across your blog today. I don't have any experience with the medifast meal plan, but I have been using the Ideal Protein plan and have been having great success. It might be something to check out along with medifast? It sounds similar to what you described with medifast as far as eating their meals for breakfast and lunch and then making a dinner of lean protein and veggies. The first phase is pretty challenging as you only get a shake in the morning, have soup or another drink at lunch along with 2 cups of veggies and then your dinner is what you prepare.

    I'll have been on the plan for 5 weeks next Monday, and so far I have lost about 16 pounds. The weight loss is steady and I'm feeling great. I also have a coach that I weigh-in with once a week and the plan will eventually transition into maintenance and I'll learn to start eating what I should instead of what I want!

    I have a blog following my experiences along with healthy recipes, if you're at all interested :)

  22. Hi there! Just want to say I started Medifast on October 13 2009 at 175 lbs - was 175-180 lbs for a couple years and even though I tried dieting the weight would not budge - I am now 136 pounds, almost to my goal (im 5'8), and feeling great!!!! The best thing about Medifast is it really does teach you how to eat, to the point that it is second nature (small meals every 2-3 hours) and you're not just "thrown into the wild" once you reach your goal! It has been shown in numerous studies that people who eat the same types of food every day lose more weight - and more natural diets consist of the same types of food (you cant grow and have every type of plant/animal in the real world) I HIGHLY recommend Medifast :)

  23. Your schedule does seem really busy. Maybe this program will work for you and make your life easier.

  24. Rather than use a pre-packaged food system, just take one day every week to prepare meals and snacks for yourself. Eat every 2 to 3 hours and exercise 30 to 45 minutes 6 days a week and drink have your body weight in ounces of water everyday. Water example, I weigh 250 lbs so I should drink 125 oz. of water daily. I know it sounds like a lot but 8 8oz water glasses a day does not equal hydrated body. I myself am working toward a healthier body to follow my life long dream of being a Personal Fitness Trainer. I need to lose between 100-125lbs. I am very excited to embark on this journey.

  25. Hope you are feeling better....Never tired Medifast or any of the other pre-pkg stuff. As soon as I return from supermarket, I clean veggies, etc and package up all my stuff so it's "grab and go" for me during the week. Go lifestyle modification vs. diet. You can do it!!!!

  26. I agree with Tricia... you can't go on that way for a long time.

    However, I will say that it might help you with the TIME aspect of your struggle. Some of the times that I have been most successful have been times when everything I was going to eat was a "no brainer".

    Guess what, I have strep too! Got if from my kids where they got if from school. I have not had it in a long time, but I feel terrible. However, I have not seen a drop in appetite. I am STILL hungry. I am reminded of the line in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA where the secretary girl says, "I am just one stomach virus from my goal weight"... wish that was the case- lol!!

    Thanks... enjoy your blog.


  27. Hi Hollie! I'm following you from the Medifast FB page.

    I've been on it for a few weeks now and I'm losing. I have to be honest, this was a last resort for me. MF would kill me if they heard me bad-mouthing them, but I honestly think this is a plan for people who are pre-surgery or are morbidly obese which I am. Then again, it's great for folks just trying to drop a quick 25 or so.

    I wish I had done this before my wedding. I dieted like crazy, lost about 40 by June then gained 30 by November right in time for my wedding. I was so depressed. If I had done MF I would have seen quicker results and stayed with it longer than I did trying to diet on my own.

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  28. Hi Hollie-

    I just did a thorough review of MF on my blog last week:

    I've been back on it for two weeks and I am definitely seeing the results. It's tougher to stay focused on it this go-around, but part of that is due to my husband not being as stringent as last time. But once I get in the groove, it's pretty mindless. I'm sticking with it!


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