Thursday, February 4, 2010

Biggest Loser? Not me - yet!

Sorry it's been a few days since I last posted. All has been well... we just ended up being out of school for a week because of the snow! Today was our first day back. I am still plugging along... just got back from the gym. I have been every day this week since I was snowed in on Saturday. I am feeling so good about working out. I have also been eating well... not been journaling, though :( I take that back... I have been journaling for this Healthy Challenge we're having at work... just not counting calories. I am eating healthy/clean in the same measured portions that I have been eating for the past few weeks, so I am fairly certain I am in my range. (As I type this, I am vowing to get back on it!)

After I got pissed off at the scale Monday, I admit I was still pretty bummed about it for a day or so. I miss the scale, but I know I have to let that number go and look at what I can see. My daughter helped me take my measurements on Tuesday. I can also still feel my pants getting looser, and someone actually told me last night they could tell I was getting smaller (thought I was wearing SPANX!). Most importantly, I can SEE a difference in the mirror, and I feel like a million bucks. I just can't let that scale dictate my success.

I got a text from a friend on Tuesday during Biggest Loser. She suggested that we sign up to be contestants, and I immediately thought "Hell, no." When I told her the idea didn't interest me, she said "What if you could lose 100+ lbs?". I informed her that I planned on losing 100+ lbs WITHOUT being on Biggest Loser, it just might take longer. Besides, who would watch my children? Losing weight quick is not worth my children being without their only parent for weeks. No, I just don't think it's worth it. I realized after that short conversation that I am confident for the first time that I CAN and I WILL get this weight off! Yes, it might take time - hell, I have 130 lbs to lose! But no matter how long it takes, I will not give up. I will not quit, and I will work hard for my goal.

This is my year. It might take a little while for my progress to show up on the scale, but I AM making progress. In two weeks, I have been to the gym for at least 45 minutes every day except for two days! I am eating clean again (90%) and making changes in the way I am thinking about food. I am finally aware! Now, it's about being consistent and sticking with it!


  1. You are doing an amazing job! And I agree...we don't need biggest loser to loose weight. I love that show, its amazing what they loose, but I have to remind myself that they are spending 4+ hours in the gym with amazing trainers. We can't expect the same results in that short of time. Keep up the wonderful work...

  2. I really seriously wanted to go on biggest loser... but I don't think I could leave my life.
    But I just wanted to tell you that you are definitely learning some of the exact same things that you would if you left the biggest loser campus. You are learning that this is lifestyle... not just a "period of time" that you diet.... I'm so confident that you are going to reach your goals. You must feel so proud to come as far as you've already come which if I'm not mistaken you've lost something like 60 pounds already? Though I've never met you I'm very proud of you! Keep up the progress, I enjoy reading
    ~One of your many fans - Amberly

  3. I really don't think TBL is very healthy!!
    And anyway you are going to lose it the healthy way :)

  4. Don't be discouraged. You can do it!

  5. Hi! I was just surfing blogs and ran across yours and just wanted to let you know that I fully agree with your logic! I read your previous post about the scale and lord knows that I've been there too haha. You've got a great mentality and you'll reach your goals for sure! Good luck and I love your blogs.


  6. After reading through your blog, I have to agree with Mandy. You are doing an amazing job! I LOVE your attitude, even when you're frustrated with things like the scale... Its pretty clear to me, you can kick fat's butt permanently. You've already lost a big chunk of weight; put that success on repeat & you'll lose the rest in no time!
    :) Julie

  7. You are doing great and you will because you are sticking to it and you're accountable to us - right?! Great to see you guys have something going at your office. My co-worker and I lost 85 lbs together. We were in the newspaper as the success story - check us out.

    But the bigger news is our fitness coach from Body Solutions Atlanta is taking nominations thru 2/10 for "I'm in love with a loser". A whole lot better than Biggest Loser I'm sure. If anyone lives in Atlanta, you'll want to check this out for sure. What a great gift to someone!!!

  8. Love your determination. I don't believe you need the TV show either. Do what you have been doing. Challenge yourself from time to time, and your effort, will, and guts will pay off.

    I have faith in you.


  9. VERY powerful post. You are exactly right, you've got everything you need to succeed. This is something that I have to constantly remind myself of. Great attitude! You got this!

  10. I just started a blog on my journey to lose over 100 pounds as well. You are a true inspiration and I will continue to follow your blog to keep me inspired. I too, am not wanting to do The Biggest Loser because I don't want to leave my kids. I started my blog so that I can keep myself accountable even if no one reads it. lol.

    I wish you the best of fortune and I will be back often.

  11. You're doing great and your attitude is awesome. You're definitely making the kinds of changes that can last a lifetime and, from what I can tell, that isn't true for a lot of the Biggest Loser folks.

  12. I love your faith and confidence. I think that show is really inspirational but it isn't real life. I know not everybody will agree with me but losing weight in the real world without trainers, prepared meals and fifty people watching your every move is a lot tougher.

  13. I love your blog your so inspiring I'd like to add you to my blogroll at if thats okay with you? Let me know thanks! Keep up the great work hun.

  14. Watching the biggest losers is a great way to pick up some tips and in a funny kind of way, watching them workout and sweat and really losing weight gives some of us the motivation to follow along with them.
    Although, we have lives to live out here and cannot devote ourselves to the regimen that those people on campus are enduring. So, we will not be losing the kinds of pounds that they lose every week. But, still we do lose weight and hey, that is motivation enough for me. Losing a pound or 2 a week is better than not losing anything or gaining.

  15. I think you have the right mindset. We have to lose weight because we truly want to, not just because we're on a televsion show, being forced to.

    Good luck to you! I look forward to following your progress. WTG on all of those workouts, keep it up!


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