Thursday, January 7, 2010


One of the best things about working for the school district is snow days! When the kiddos are out, I a get a PAID DAY OFF! School was closed today for this "big" snow storm we were supposed to get (yeah, right). We only got a dusting of snow, but since I am in Tennessee, and people down here freak out about snow, they decided to cancel school tomorrow, too! So I get a 4-day weekend! YaY!

So... I am using this to my weight-loss advantage! A few more days at home to concentrate on ME will be great! I have found two new DVDs that are DOABLE! They are the two new Biggest Loser workouts (30-day Jumpstart and Last Chance Workout). I am going to do both of them before dinner today - I'll let you know how it goes. I am actually excited!

I have also wrote out my weight loss goals for the rest of the year. I usually don't do this and just go with the flow. But, I really think that if I put my mind, body, and will-power into it, I can reach my goal this year... 155 lbs. 155 lbs will put me at the right BMI so I will no longer be overweight, so that's how I got that number. But who knows, I might get to another higher weight and stop there. Hell, I might go for lower. But for right now, 155 is the goal. Here's how I will get there...

290 lbs - this is what I weighed-in at on Monday (Jan. 4)

260 lbs - 3/5/10 - This is the beginning of our Spring Break. If I meet this goal, I plan on taking a mini-vacation to Florida. Someone has already agreed to sponsor the trip...
229 lbs - 5/26/10 - This is my birthday, and is also the end of the school year. 229 lbs will put me back at the weight I was before I had my youngest daughter - a special number for me.
199 lbs - 7/26/10 - This is the first day back to work for our school district. I am going to think positive, and hope that when I get hired on to teach it will be somewhere in this district, but even if I don't, most schools around here go back on this date. I would LOVE to be in Onederland by then!
185 lbs - LABOR DAY
170 lbs - HALLOWEEN
155 lbs - JANUARY 1, 2011

As you can probably tell, the first three numbers are my biggest goals. The last three are just realistic numbers that can get me to goal by the New YEAR! I WILL start 2011 at MY GOAL WEIGHT (whatever that ends up being). It is totally something I can do. It is definitely something I WILL DO. to exercise, then dinner time!


  1. I love how your blog looks now. I didn't want to say anything but I had a hard time reading it before. I am getting old so I can't see small print. LOL
    I love how you set your goals. I think once I weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers for the first time I think I will go on my blog & set some goals.
    My sister moved to Tennessee from Illinois & we used to laugh because there could be 10 inches of snow on the ground when we lived in Chicago & they never closed the public schools. She said in Tennessee there would be less then half an inch & the schools would close.
    I hope you like you new workout tapes. Let us know.

  2. I couldn't see the print, either, Dutch! That's why I changed it as soon as I found a new template I like! Thanks for the feedback!

  3. so glad I found your blog. I am joining WW soon and setting up a blog. I have a frugal one but do need a weight loss.

  4. Oh, your new blog look is fabulous!! I'm green with envy.

    Aren't snow days fun? I think you've had more than us here in MA.

    Great idea for writing down your goals. I'll be reading along for the ride - and the inspiration. You can do it!

  5. Yeah for two snow days! I work at a college and no snow days for us :( I probably won't go to the gym in the morning (5 AM) because it is supposed to be icy.

    The book club I am in doesn't have a name...I just call it The Book Club. I have only been to two meetings thus far, but I am looking forward to going again.

  6. Love the new look on your page! I too am in TN and I too work for the school system who called school off today and tomorrow! WOOHOOO! And they say there is no prayer in schools! haha!

    Anyway, just checking in! Keep up the great work. I love the setting goals. You are definitely on the right track!!

  7. You can do this Hollie! It's all about choices, and you are making WONDERFUL choices!! :) Great job the other day by not eating through your emotions. That is a HUGE NSV of wonderful empowerment!!

    Love the new look and can't wait for this year to unfold!! :)

  8. Also stuck in the house for snow days. Great goals! I like how you broke them down into mini-goals and picked things that are meaningful to you. You've inspired me to make my own long-range goals while not taking my eye off my short range goals.
    Keep these awesome posts coming!

  9. Good job making good of your time off!

  10. I used to teach too! We never had snow days though. What luck for you to be able to focus on you! I admire your goal-setting. Right now I'm just focusing on losing 10% of my weight. When I get there, I'm treating myself to a nice haircut. I really need one. My hair is super long and needs style. Good luck! I enjoy reading your posts.

  11. You can do it. I was 290 lbs at my top weight too. It is doable :)

    This cold is crazy. I'm in north FL and we had snow flurries early this morning. Hello? It's FLORIDA!!!

    Well, good luck to you on your weight loss journey...

  12. I found your blog while I was looking for some weight-loss inspiration. Good for you for setting solid goals and dates for yourself - you can do it! If you want some easy weight loss and healthy cooking tips, check out my blog at I am very close to reaching my weight loss goals and I have started this blog to inspire and hopefully help others. Best of luck to you :) I'll be checking back to see your progress!


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