Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love/hate that SCALE!

Last week, I jumped on the scale on Monday morning to find that I had not lost a thing! Now, I know that I had only been about 80% on plan, but was still disappointed to see no loss at all. Even at 80%, it was still 100% better than what I had been doing! I felt really down about it, but was determined to push on. I added exercise last week, and logged my food every day. As you can see from my last post, I felt really good about myself. I am finally back on track…

Yesterday, I got on the scale…excited to see a loss because I know I have been on plan all week. My pants are already a little looser, so I was ready! Guess what? It showed a 5 POUND GAIN! What???? I was shocked, and so frustrated!!! So, I spent yesterday mentally evaluating what it is that I am doing wrong… what am I doing NOW that is different from this spring when I was losing? A few things stuck out…

1. Drinking coffee – last spring it TOTALLY cut out coffee. As of today, I am 4 days coffee-free! There was even a pot brewed in the classroom and I didn’t have any.
2. Artificial sweeteners – I know I drank a LOT of Crystal Lite last week because the water from the fountain at work tastes like toilet water. Starting yesterday, I am no longer using Crystal Lite – plain water only.
3. Calories too high? – Not sure about this one… I averaged about 1600 - 1900 calories (before exercise) last week. This week I am going to try to stay between 1200 – 1400.

I am not sure what is going on, but it is so frustrating. I am actually trying! But it also scares me… what if my body is not going to cooperate this time? What if I am now one of those people who can’t lose weight no matter what they do?

I promised my friend last week that I would throw out my scale, since it has the ability to really bring me down and affect my mood. But for whatever reason, I didn’t, and now I’m glad I didn’t. If I hadn’t weighed-in yesterday, I would have no idea that I was doing something wrong. I would have took for granted that clean eating, exercise, eliminating “real” sugar, and taking my supplements was enough. Obviously, its not.

Yesterday was as near perfect as I think I can get. I ended the day with a little over 1400 calories and drank 144 ounces of clear water. No coffee, no sugar, all of my supplements. No exercise, though… just didn’t feel like it. I got on the scale this morning, and 3.6 of the 5 lb gain was gone (thank GOD). I am going to watch the scale this week – so I can get an idea of what is working and what isn’t. I hate that damned scale, but it might just help me right now.


  1. I know what you mean about the scale, I have the same problem. I have given up Diet cokes and I am only drinking water. I am on day 3 with water only with my meals and everything. Good Luck

  2. You are forgetting about muscle. When you exercise, you build muscle. Not 5 pounds in a week, unfortunately..but definitely muscle will build. Muscle changes your composition, too. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the better your body looks. (and the looser those pants will get...hooray!)

    My theory is that you built some muscle this week...and are retaining a little bit of water in those new muscles. Coffee is a diuretic. You are stopping the coffee so your water levels will change a bit until your body gets used to it.

    YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Definiely do not let this derail you. Maybe try for 1300-1400 calories a day....plenty of protein and fat and fiber from fruits and veggies....go sorta easy on the carbs and processed stuff. You will figure out what works for you and you will rock it! Sending you good thoughts!

  3. I love/hate the scale too. Last year, I went to a great physician who told me that my body was holding on to my weight/fat. That's why I was killing myself with working out and watching what I ate and wasn't seeing any results. I got on some meds that helps regulate my sugar and cholesterol. It has made the difference. Don't give up! You can do it!

  4. One of the things that i found is that when you haven't work out for a while and you begin to work out your body retains water because it is like WTF what are you doing to me. But keep up the exercise i and i know you are going to see those results.

    Also at my weight watchers meeting today we talked about sometimes you may eaten like crap two weeks ago but you thought hey it is all good but then the weight catches up to you 2-3 weeks later. Just keep at it and remember you can do this and you will be rockin and skinny in no time

  5. I'm sorry to hear about it. I love/hate the scale too... but just remember that the scale is just a tool to gauge how you are doing... The scale can not tell you that you 'are showing a 3 lbs gain but it's because you may have lost 5 lbs of fat but you are holding onto 4 lbs water weight and you gained 4 lbs of muscle because of your awesome exercise efforts'. So just use it as a tool. Keep up the good work though... don't let it discourage you. You are really doing great!

  6. I agree with Greta. I usually try to keep my calories between 1200 and 1400. And lots of water. Your recent water intake is amazing! Keep it up!

  7. Sometimes I just want to toss the scale right out the window. I know when you workout you usually gain muscle, but it's still frustrating esp. when you are OP like you were and you see a gain! Keep on keeping on, and you'll get there!!

  8. Hey girl... I don't drink artificial sweeteners at all! It really helps to cut down on cravings. Plus, you bring up a good point with the whold coffee thing... although I have been drinking decaf and seem to have not been affected by it. Good luck this week.

  9. I cut caffeine out completely and it was TOUGH. Took a lot of advil to get through those headaches. But two weeks in, my workouts felt SO GOOD!

  10. You should totally do measurements, too. Sometimes that scale doesn't tell us anything, but the tape measure doesn't lie.


  11. Hi, new girl here. It can be really frustrating to have a gain like that. It's great that you are taking the time to look at what worked in the past. I have heard that artificial sweeteners aren't good and that your body eventually can't decide if they are the real thing or not.


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