Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I really didn't want to...

...but I did. I worked out for the 2nd day in a row! Yes, you are on the right blog!

I did the 2nd day of the Last Chance Workout and it was just as hard as the first day. Today was upper and lower body toning, which you know also involved aerobics because Jillian Michaels is in charge and she believes in working you until you VOMIT. For real, I almost threw up today, too. And I worked out at least 3 hours after I had dinner!

Today was another 100% on plan day. I journaled all my food and did not stray from my healthy food. I planned a dinner that was a little high in calories (Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken), but it was worth every single calorie! I made it with whole wheat couscous and broccoli - delicious! I ended the day at about 1700 calories, but I estimate I burned about 500 calories with the exercise. I also drank about 120 oz. of water. It was a great day!

Honestly, I am feeling SO much better. I know that the good food and supplements are a big reason, but knowing that I am finally in control of my eating is an awesome feeling, too. I hate feeling like I am a slave to binges and cravings. I know the AssistU takes the edge off, and that's why I will continue to take it and love it so much. I still have to do the hard work, it just makes it easier to say "no" to the cookies when they're offered to me, lol.

Ok... lunch is already packed for me and my daughter (she requested a salad again!), and I am ready to hit the shower and GO TO BED!


  1. Good for you on making it through another torture session :)

    Keep up the great work...

  2. Hey wait...what supplements are you taking?

  3. Very impressive workout.

    I can't handle working out to that point--takes all the fun away, and I find exercising fun but not vomiting. lol

  4. YEEHAW!!!
    Great job Hollie! You are doing wonderfully, keep it up!!

  5. WOOT WOOT! Now THAT'S how you lose weight, is by pushing through it even though you don't want to!

    Keep it up lady!

  6. I'm so excited for you! Keep it up!


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