Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello, gym...remember me?

My gym membership expired back in December, and honestly, it was just NOT in my single-mom-of-three-receiving-no-child-support-and-barely-getting-by budget to renew. I have been STRUGGLING to work out at home - I am just not motivated. I can find too many things I need to do, and too many excuses NOT to do it. I love going to the gym - it's the only "me" time I can get right now.

Yesterday, Brooke called me and said that she had heard from someone else that used to go to my university that there was a workout facility on campus. Upon further investigation, I found out that there is not a workout facility, but that the university students used our local gym for a "discounted rate". When I called to find out the rate, I found out that I can go for FREE! Yes, I said FREE for this semester. Apparently undergrad students go free (because they pay an activity fee to the university) each semester, and grad students pay $65 per semester. I take both undergrad AND grad classes. This summer (and until I graduate) I will just have to pay $65, which is a deal! I am SO EXCITED!

SO... today while I was on campus for class, I went by and got everything hooked up. I can start going tomorrow. Adding exercise that I like is going to be so good for my weight loss. Yeah, Jillian might be a great workout, but I HATE it. And I just don't think working the same muscles every day is a good idea. This weekend I was in pain, and now my back has been hurting. I am so sore, I know my form is off when I am doing lunges and other moves. Yeah... I can't wait to get back to the gym!

Eating has been 100% on plan. Yesterday I was right around 1500 calories, and today will end at 1400. No sugar or artificial sweetener, no caffeine (6 days with no coffee). Eating clean with lots of fruits and veggies. I have been drinking 120+ oz of water daily, and also taking all of my supplements daily. I am feeling really good! I know that if I stick with it that the scale will eventually move. I am going to take someone's suggestion and take my measurements. I HATE taking measurements, lol.

Ok... I am off to bed! I had a friend over last night and only had about 3 hours of sleep last night. It was worth it, though.


  1. That is great :)

    That should give you the boost you need on the scale too.

  2. Hooray for free gym! That is great! If your gym is anything like mine...there might be trainers mulling about looking bored. Grab them and ask advice about form if your back keeps hurting..they usually LOVE to come give tons of advice (sometimes too GOOD FOR YOU for eating on plan and doing so well! We are both in the groove, baybee! Go Hollie, Go Hollie!

    DEFINITELY take measurements! Bust, waist, low waist (belly button), hip, leg, calf are the ones I do. Sometimes you will see results with a tape measurer that you do not see on the scale. :)

  3. And...wth with the no child support thing. I'm so sorry about that.......I cannot IMAGINE raising kids without help. My ex might be a butt-head in SO many ways...but he does transfer that child support monthly. You are amazing for doing what you do....I admire you so much. You are such a great Mom!

  4. Yay! Go you!! I also find the gyms extrememly expensive in London. MANY are £50-£75/month (=$80 - $120!!). BUT THEN! I recently discovered that the gym in my office only charged £10/month ($16). What a deal!! I look forward to working out again!!!!

  5. Love your blog girl! Keep up the good work! if you need some fitness tips i would be more than happy to help! it's all about making it fun for your self or else you aren't going to want to do it! if you are unsure of how to do some exercises check out some videos on youtube. many of them explain form and even provide mini workouts you could try :)

  6. I'm so happy for you that you've gone six days without coffee! I agree that you have to vary your workouts to make them interesting and to continue challenging you.

  7. I have several friends who get free memberships to the YMCA thru their doctor - i have found I prefer working out at home - but once a week at a gym would sure change things up

  8. When you lose your free gym membership, check out the YMCA. They provide subsidy to those who need it and as a single monther of 3 with no child support, i bet you fall into that category.
    I also know a great trainer that I bet will give you a free session to get you started and make sure your form is right. I was once certified but those days have past. Let me know if you need more information or if there is anything I can do to help!


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