Friday, January 29, 2010

Beautiful Blogger, gym love, and water!

First things first! Rockin' Robin over at A Year's Weight... awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award. Thanks! Since I just rec'd it a little while back, I am not going to re-post seven things about me, and as usual, I will not post seven favorite blogs. Please see my blogroll for favorites!

Sorry I've been "absent" for a couple of days... just been busy! I have still been on plan, though! And the scale is finally showing me love! I have been in the gym every day! Last night I had class, and after I got home and had dinner, I was sitting on the couch and just "had to" to exercise! Even though I had given myself to take Thursday's off because of my night class, I threw on my gym clothes for a 45 minute workout before the gym closed. I think this exercise thing is finally starting to be a habit, and I don't want to lose my momentum.

It is snowing again in Tennessee, and we have a snow day today! I had a HUGE breakfast/brunch (didn't eat until around 11 a.m. because I slept in). Omelet with bell peppers, spinach and reduced-fat cheese and a whole grain bagel (9 g. fiber). I just balanced my checkbook and am getting ready to venture out in the snow to pay some bills. Then I am gonna hit the gym for about an hour.


Someone made a comment the other day about how much water I drink. Every day, I drink between 120 to 160+ ounces of water. I have found that since I've started going to the gym again, I am much thirstier and am drinking more water. And I would also like to note that I ONLY drink water. No juice, coffee, tea, soda, milk... only water. So, I was reading an article the other day and there was a link to a calculator that will show you exactly how much water you're supposed to drink.

It says I am supposed to be drinking 146 ounces of water each day, or 4.4 liters. On days with no exercise, 143 ounces of water, or 4.3 liters. If you eat a healthy diet, about 20 percent of water may come from the foods you eat. If I eat a healthy diet I can drink 116.8 ounces of water, or 3.5 liters. So, I think I am definitely not drinking too much water!

Check it out!


  1. Good for you!! Glad your scale is reponding to your hard work :)

  2. That makes sense about the water. I believe the bigger you are the more water you have to drink, which makes sense if you think how much there is of you to hydrate. I'm not a scientist, but it makes sense to me, lol! :)

  3. I'm glad the scale is loving you! Keep it up!

  4. Congratulations on your results and your attitude. As to water, it's great stuff! In addition to helping flush toxins from the body, keeping the skin soft and full, and helping keep up energy and metabolism, there's a couple of other things it does. Studies have shown that people who drink at least five glasses of water a day cut their risk of heart attack by about 50%. Also, many "hunger" signals we get from our bodies are actually signals of thirst. If you drink water regularly throughout the day, you head off many situations where your body thinks it is hungy.

    Keep up the good work, and thank you for all the peoople sho show up at my blog Fitness After 40, after visiting yours.


  5. Hey Hollie. Love that calculator. Thanks for sharing. I drink a lot of water after working out and a couple of hours before. If I drink a good amount of water after I feel more refreshed.


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