Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Walking (in the dark)...

Just a quick post...

Thanks for the advice about ads. I have decided to moderate comments for now to see how that goes...

Eating - so, so. Struggling with some emotional eating at work. The students have been stressin' me out every since we got back from fall break. Every time someone brings candy I have a hard time NOT eating it. Sometimes I start eating the crap before my mind tells me that I really don't even want it! I have to start really paying attention. But I am not throwing in the towel and allowing myself to let it ruin my whole day. I'm picking right back up with healthy eating immediately.

Exercise - good! Been walking a lot! I missed yesterday b/c it was raining, but so far the cold weather and darkness hasn't stopped me. I just bundle up and GO! Tonight I was thinkin' that I couldn't believe I was outside walking in the cold and dark, but there I was! It's almost like I have to go! Too funny, but hopefully it's off-setting the eating.

Supplements - I am taking all my supplements again and can really tell a difference. I am never hungry and my energy is really good! Maybe that's why I suddenly feel like exercising again?

Ok, off to bed!


  1. I'm curious because I'm just getting started with my weight loss. What supplements are you taking?

  2. Glad to hear you're doing better!
    I know what you mean about candy, when i get to work on the table where i eat there will be chocolates, cakes, truffles etc Every day until Christmas :(

  3. Thats great that you went walking. I think we can train ourselves to make good choices just like we used to be trained to make bad choices.

  4. Sounds like things are going well for you! I am just starting my journey.


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