Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Still moving forward...

I'm still here! Been meaning to blog, but Ive been doing weird stuff like GOING TO BED EARLY, lol. Ive cut my Internet time way down over the past couple of weeks. It seems like my days go by pretty fast, and I'm now so tired at bedtime. And its only got worse since the time changed. So, I'm listening to my body and sleeping. After suffering from insomnia for so long, I guess sleep is long overdue.

I've been doing well as far as eating - not perfect, but I'm getting there. The scale is still stuck, but oh, well. My exercise still needs to get on track... I went to the gym Mon and Tues last week, but that's it. I struggle with waking up on time anyway, so waking up early is going to be a challenge. I skipped the gym yesterday in favor of going walking with my bestie. She just moved back from Texas about 6 weeks ago. We both had babies in 2005, and both had previously lost a ton of weight. And we both gained back everything we lost. We are now the same size, and both of us are trying to push each other to stay on track. It's nice to have someone to team up with! We walked around her neighborhood, and even RAN a little. There were some tough hills, and we felt great afterward.

The gym was a struggle today. I guess it had a lot to do with all the Halloween candy I ate at work today. I felt like sh*t, but still made myself go. I did 15 minutes of weights, and 45 minutes on the elliptical.

My monthly horoscope (which is always surprisingly accurate) said that I need to begin a fitness regimen on 11/16. I think it said something like my "body will be toned in ways that I can't imagine." Since I keep bouncing around the "get up early" idea, so I think it might be time to JUST DO IT. Especially since Ive actually been going to bed early. I'll keep ya updated on that one...


  1. early to bed?
    less internet?

    changes in eating?

    ENTIRELY three things which helped me get and stay on track.

    the exercise? none too shabby either, woman! skipping the gym for a walk with your friend? perfect.

    maybe today bring her along?

  2. i miss the days before I got married when i would daily go walking with a bestie of mine. I lost 30 lbs when i was doing that, in less than 6 months, i was even bikini ready, albeit not toned, but still... It was a great way to stay in shape. i miss having someone to exercise that way with on a daily basis.
    So i say, skipping the gym to exercise with your bestie is probably better than going it alone. :-)

  3. It sounds like you're doing great with the exercise! You're hitting the gym a few times a week and walking too, that is awesome!

    Its great that your friend is back in town and in the same boat, I think it will go so much better having your bestie there with you to go through this with :)

  4. I love your blog! Don't leave us for so long, next time. I've been lurking for a while, and recently decided to start my own blog because you and some others inspired me to try and drop the pounds!

    Keep up the exercise, girl! I try to walk daily, but have so many excuses.



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