Saturday, November 28, 2009


Wow, ya'll really like me, lol!

Just wanted to check in to let you all know I'm alive and still kicking. Still dealing with mood/depression issues, but things are better. Thanksgiving was a bust as far as eating goes... I had one plate of food and was so stuffed I contemplated vomiting to feel better. UGH! That pretty much killed it for me... I didn't even take leftovers.

My ex-in-laws came to visit Wednesday and left today, so I've been busy entertaining them. I enjoyed the visit, and think it's cool they still think enough of me and the kids to drive 12 hours to visit, but I'm glad to have a little peace. My house is destroyed and the laundry is high, so you know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

I took a 50 minute walk today to clear my head. The sun was out today, which was nice. Tomorrow is a new day and the food portion of my "holidays" is over. No more baking, no more birthdays... I'm done and ready to focus.

And by the way... I am tossing the scale until January 1. The damned thing makes me so mad and frustrated, and I am obsessing about it again. I don't need that right now, so its gone!


  1. Good for you! The scale is a hateful, hateful machine. Mine is perilously close to being smashed...but to be fair, it's my fault. ;) Tomorrow's a new day, no more holiday weekend. Back to the battle!

  2. Good job. The scale is indead the devil but the key is just not giving up. Every day is a step close to losing weight. I was on the acai berries diets and stuck with it. Good luck

  3. You are not alone. Except for me I have a defensive move earlier in a week. A Japanese friend gave me a bottle of Tsuru Reishi capsules. Tsuru reishi, she explains is a popular vegetable dish to them for diabetes management and weight loss. My research says a compound in it binds with fat to prevent its absorption in the small intestine. And oh my, that butter ball in Thanksgiving sure is fatty but soooo delicious. I hope I'm prepared to Christmas and the New Year binge.

  4. I just started following your blog but I wish you the best.

    The scale has really gotten to me in the past. There was a time I would check it obsessively and get so mad that I wasn't losing weight. Withmy new weight loss attempt I'm only going to be checking it once a week at most. It's best to just not worry about how much you weigh and instead focus on how you feel and look.


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