Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where did my sunshine go?

My favorite part of Spring/Summer are the days the sun is out and they sky is bright blue. A few little clouds can dot the sky, but I love sunshine. Unfortunately, there's no sunshine in my area of TN today. Ugh.... And to top it off my cough is getting worse instead of better! AND TOM is trying to come early. Basically, my body doesn't feel very well, but I'm not letting it get me down.

My boyfriend has been out of town and I'm looking forward to seeing him this afternoon. I'm trying to brainstorm for a good, healthy dinner tonight. I'm probably gonna go with chicken because everyone likes that, but I don't know how I'm gonna prepare it. If it were not so rainy I could do a good marinade and throw it on the grill... sorry - thinking "out loud".

My son is doing fine today, as expected. He is very happy to have a day off with his grandmother, who will feed him all the junk he can eat. I guess it IS better to be safe than sorry, because so many kids in our system have been out with flu. Someone told me that they had already sent 10 kids home from his school when they called me yesterday. It might be better that he's NOT there so he won't get sick.

In my comments yesterday, MochaTrina asked about books for children with Autism. I would recommend "The Out of Sync Child" to any parent or teacher - not just parents/teachers who are around Autistic children. It is one of the best books I've ever read as a parent, and a helpful resource as a teacher. So many children have sensory issues that get diagnosed as something else... And sensory problems can also coincide with other diagnoses. My son has had sensory issues since birth, and being "hot natured" is just something we deal with. It wasn't until I started taking classes for my Special Education endorsement that I learned this is a common problem in Autistic children or children with sensory issues.

Jess cooked for my daughter last night, and I wore a shirt and a pair of denim capris I haven't wore in a few weeks. Out of the dryer, both were SO much looser! I was pulling my size 22 pants up all night, and my shirt didn't even showcase my muffin-top like usual! I also got my T-shirt for the 5K... I had ordered a 2xl and it is too big! I am so used to feeling STUFFED in a 2xl that I didn't think about getting an XL. I feel so positive about my weight loss right now because I am SEEING difference, and apparently everyone else is, too. I am getting so much more attention, which is a good and bad thing. I usually like to blend in and stay in the background, but I like it when people notice I've lost weight... catch 22 right?


  1. Blend in my ass! Soak up those compliments, baby! And then use them to stoke the fires of your weight loss engine.

    There's plenty of time to blend back in once you are the skinny hollie you envision.

    Way to go!

  2. Keep up the great work! You deserve EVERY compliment you get. I know how you feel about the sunshine! It's rainy and cloudy here in Wisconsin too! I guess we'll just have to make our own :-)

  3. One of my favorite things do with is chicken is to add a "coating to it... consisting of instant potatoes, parm cheese, and seasonings... on WW it's only 3 points per peice, you bake it, so no oil is involved. Comes out very yummy. Also... I like to just season it, put it on the stove with water and lemon juice instead of oil (non stick pans that is) and it turns out pretty good. :) Add some steamed vegi's and I'm a happy camper :)

    Have fun tonight! And be proud of your newfound "attention" you deserve it!!!!!

  4. I forgot to mention... if you want the recipe for the coating... let me know on facebook :)

  5. That 24 hour fever rule is lame.

    Both of my boys have sensory issues and are on the Aspergers end of the Autism spectrum. And I agree, Out-of-Synch Child is a fantastic resource.

    I love hearing about your clothes loosening! Yay!

  6. Enjoy the compliments, because you deserve them! I love the sun too, and get depressed when there is too much gray.


  7. Woot! Congratulations about the clothes being loose! It's also wonderful just to feel like you're succeeding. Way to go!

  8. LOVE seeing you feeling so positive.
    you deserve it.
    and the compliments.

    hell you know *I* think you deserve to bestow compliments upon yourself!
    why wait for others ;)



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