Monday, August 24, 2009

What a weekend...

This weekend simply wasn't long enough. Even though I didn't plan on it, I went out Friday night. I had a mini-reunion with a good friend from high school and it was great times. Saturday, my oldest daughter had her birthday party, which included a slumber party with about 10 pre-teen girls. Honestly, it was a good group and things went pretty smooth - but by Sunday morning when they left I was wore out! I took a nap, though I hated sleeping away such a glorious day outside. It was only 79 degrees in Middle Tn yesterday! We ended up getting out yesterday afternoon so that my daughter could spend some of her gift certificates. I got my truck cleaned out, and made a run to Wal-mart.

Today I was reading this article on about sticking to your weight loss plan for 21 days with NO CHEAT days. Thinking back to April, when I first started my new plan of eating clean/no sugar/no caffeine - I didn't cheat for at least 21 days, if not longer. And the weight came off in good numbers. So, I've decided to challenge myself. Starting today, I commit myself to healthy eating for 21 days - NO CHEATING! That includes no caffeine, no added sugar, clean eating (90%), at least 100 oz. of water daily, and keeping a food journal. I will limit my alcohol consumption to Friday's only and will keep the drinks as "diet friendly" as possible - meaning no margaritas, no sugary cocktails. I will also journal these drinks and account for them. I heard a long time ago that doing something for 21 days makes it a habit, and I need to definitely get back in the habit of healthy eating.

I am also going back to the gym today. My bag is packed and waiting for me in my truck. I am still coughing a little, but I don't think it will be an issue. I NEED to exercise. My body misses the good chemicals it gives my brain. I am in a huge funk and I need something to help me shake it. I feel like I'm fighting to get out of bed in the mornings. Things are so crappy right now, and I need to concentrate on things I can control. Eating right and exercise are definitely still things that I can control in my life.

TOM is here, and I have that yucky, bloated feeling that I HATE. I forgot to WI this morning, but will try to remember in the morning. I love not being a slave to the scale anymore. It's just an indicator of progress now - it does not define who I am and how I feel. My clothes tell me I'm doing a good job or if I'm slacking.

I'm trying something new for lunch today. I'm SO tired of salads, and have wasted so much lettuce over the past few weeks because I am subconsciously "forgetting" to pack my salad everyday. Honestly, I know I just don't want the damned thing! So yesterday at the store, I got a few bags of broccoli and cauliflower that you steam in the bag. They only cost a little over $1 per bag. I also had some grilled salmon and talapia filet's in my freezer that I had bought a while back. So for lunch, I am going to have a piece of fish and the whole bag of veggies. I figure I can find a plate somewhere (since I forgot to bring one from home). Hopefully this will go well, because I am cooking a bag of boneless/skinless chicken breasts tonight. Grabbing either a piece of chicken of fish (or even tuna) in the morning, plus a bag of veggies is easy and healthy. I'm still getting my veggies, and I'm not having to eat a salad.


  1. I am so w/ you about the salads. I am sick of them. There is only so many ways you can dress up lettuce and still keep it healthy. I need an alternative before I go crazy.
    You have inspired me to start my own 21 day challenge - though I'm not brave enough to give up caffeine just quite yet.
    Good luck!

  2. A house full of pre-teen girls? Those screams sound like jet engines at my house...yeesh you are a warrior.

    Good job getting back to the gym, and the no cheating for three week thing will absolutely pay off. Good luck.

  3. Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. Aside from my donuts, I've given up sugar. I have not kicked caffeine yet. You're so strong! You'll do great with your 21 days and beyond!

  5. Got to admit i haven't been eating as many salads either!! Enough is enough. Good luck on the 21 day challenge you're giving yourself :)

  6. hahahahah!!! sounds like we are all in the same boat... salads have become the enemy. hahahaha! I too... have not been eating them. I'll get back to them at some point. just not right now.
    I know you can complete your challenge 100%. So I'd say goodluck... but i KNOW you can do it.
    You are a warrior... and I'm proud of you for taking control of things YOU CAN control in your life, and just remember to leave the rest for god to handle.

    Have an uber super day today! :)

  7. You know, I went through a period where I loved salads, but I think I'm joining you in just being absolutely sick of them.

    Good luck getting back to the gym today!

  8. Great plan to mix up your lunches - I think we all get tired of the same thing (unless it's Greek yogurt, strawberries and cereal, lol). I like your recommitment to good eating and exercise!

    Oh, I put your prize in the mail this morning - it should be there either Wed. or Thurs. according to post office man.

  9. You go girl. I also get bored of salads, but I happen to love raw veggies and dip.

    I posted a bunch of my favorite veggie dips on my own dieting blog. Check it out here:

    Plain old Hummus from the supermarket is another of my favorite veggie dips.

    Just go easy on the dips. They can be a lit fattening.

  10. I'm opposite everyone. I'm just entering a salad phase.

    I've read both that 21 and 28 days creates a habit.

    I like how you keep setting new goals for yourself, and I don't doubt you can do it.

  11. I like salads, but I do tire of them easily. Right now I'm into the veggies without the lettuce!

    It's interesting, because when I first started on my weight loss journey 12 years ago, I did the 21 day thing without even knowing it was a good idea!

    I absolutely went cold turkey on the reall bad foods (chocolate & chips) and I think it helped kick start my weight loss.

    I eventually lost 150 lbs and have kept it off!

  12. I've never been a big fan of salad, but I do love the steamed veggies. String beans are my favorite. A little salt and they are almost as good as french fries!
    And weekends are never long enough in my opinion, especially with 10 pre-teen girls in the house!
    Congrats on getting back on track!

  13. Wow, you survived a pre-teen sleepover? You are my hero, lol!
    I like the 21 days of no cheating - I may have to try that myself!

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  15. you KNOW I agree on the salads.

    for me the mere sight of that day after day after day was enough to send me screaming for the poptarts, errr, I mean hills :)

    hang in there Warrior Woman (and plop some protein and complex carbs on the plate and, for today even, make the salad a side?)



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