Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day ??? - I'm a bad blogger!

OMG - I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in over a week! Where has the time gone? This summer is cruising by at warp speed. So far it's been filled with homework (for me), pool days, summer school, lawn maintenance, and keeping up with my children. But it's all good! My last day to teach Summer school was a week ago, and since then I had pretty much been concentrating on school. I started 2 additional on-campus classes yesterday, for a total of 4 classes. I anticipate spending A LOT of time on coursework over the next month until I go back to work on July 24.

I have also been dealing with a lot of DRAMA. This divorce seems like it's really taking an emotional toll on me this past week. My ex pulls a new rabbit out of his bag of tricks daily. His dishonesty on just about everything is draining. But I was so blessed to be able to have a little "getaway" this weekend on Sunday and Monday. No children + no ex + no contact with the outside world + peace + quiet + pampering + love = a great remedy to stress overload. I was about an hour away from home, so during my drive back I had a chance to reflect on how refreshed I felt! And the past few days have been much more bearable.

On the diet/exercise part of my life, I am still doing well - but not as good as I was. I fell off the sugar wagon a few weeks ago with the tiny slice of wedding cake. After that I have been slowly "allowing" myself tiny bites of this and that. I still have NOT allowed myself to eat any chocolate or candy, because I know that would be a disaster. But I know that my weight loss has slowed down because of these little BLT's are happening almost daily now. Yeah, I can still say that the amount of sugar I am consuming is FAR less than I used to consume, but that would be bullshitting me and all you readers. The sugar has to stop - and today is the day. So far, no sugar and I plan to keep it that way.

I have also been doing well with exercising. When I started my walking challenge this month, soon after I joined my local gym so I could walk on the treadmill since it was getting really hot outside. Well, I think I've only walked on the treadmill twice, lol. But I do about 45 min. to an hour on the elliptical on the days I go. According to (the site where I log my exercise), I can see that as of last month, I have exercised 13 days for a total of 12.4 hours. And remember, there was 2 weeks where I couldn't exercise because of my tattoo. Since just 6/18 I have exercised 8 times for 40 to 90 minutes each time. Going to the gym is **almost** becoming a habit for me again. The time I spend there really gives me time to relieve stress and get those good chemicals moving in my brain again.

I haven't weighed in a couple of weeks - on purpose. When I first started exercising, I saw a .4 lb. fluctuation one morning and freaked out. Now, don't we all know there is a possibility that increased exercise can cause a temporary gain? But why do I always freak out about it? Since I started eating clean in April, I have tried not to let the scale dictate how I feel about myself. But since April, I have been steadily losing, too. As soon as I got that discouraged feeling, I decided it was time to lay off the scale for a while. So I am gauging my progress in my clothes. My size 22's are already getting a little loose, and I an actually where some clothes from "regular" stores if they have a xxl. And a lot of people tell me they can see a difference. I still feel great (for the most part), so I am still on the right track.

I decided on yesterday (July 1), that I was going to really concentrate on healthy habits this month so I can lose at least 10 more lbs. before school starts on 8/3. I think that's totally doable for me. As long as I continue to eat clean, avoid caffeine and sugar, and exercise it should be a done deal. I know the eating clean and caffeine part is not as challenging as the sugar part. But I now know that I CAN do it. I also commit to exercising at the gym at least 5 times per week. I want to keep the momentum going that I have now so I will one day report I am "addicted to the gym" again!


  1. You aren't a bad blogger. It happens. Life is more important anyway, so don't worry about it!

    Sorry you have so much drama in your life right now. I really hope it gets cleared up and you can have a peaceful life. Drama sucks.

  2. A gym addiction is much better than a sugar addiction and I give you high fives for working on both! I'm also a sugar addict and while I haven't given it up, I am trying to eat much less. Like you, little tastes have been sneaking back in, slowing the weight loss down. It's important to keep the balance, and you are doing that. Keep up the great work!

  3. Drama is definitely draining! I'm glad you got a get away to help with the stress.

  4. Hollie you are doing great, keep up the good work. One suggestion I have for the sugar crave is snack defense-
    it helped me out a lot with cravings for sugar. It helps with blood sugar levels.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. You are going through so mush and handling it so well! I hope you continue to thrive


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