Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 68 - It was bound to happen...

What happens when you aren't paying attention to the food you eat? What happens when you get so busy that exercise is not a top priority? What happens when you convince yourself that "one piece won't hurt"? You slip... and sometimes you fall on your face. What do you do then? You get your a** up, dust yourself off, and move forward.

I've been telling myself for a few weeks that the pace I need to slow down and focus on my weight loss, or else I'm going to mess up. I had pizza on Wednesday. It wasn't planned, it was just convenient. After a long day of running errands and caring for my mom, I decided to stop and get my kids pizza for dinner. We were all starving, so I decided that I would have 2 small slices. For those who have read my blog for a while, you know I used to LOVE pizza... it was a weakness. But now... let me tell you! That pizza made me so sick! I immediately felt like throwing up, and the heartburn I felt was TERRIBLE! How in the hell did I ever deal with constant heartburn? How in the hell did I ever eat a WHOLE PIZZA over the course of a few hours?

That night as I was laying in bed, I decided that I needed to get my a** in gear and re-focus before this slip turned into a backward slide. It just isn't worth it. My body has been clean for so long, that eating sh*t full of grease and fat made my body push the REJECT button! So yesterday, I was back on plan 100%. I've also been "forgetting" to take my supplements, so I'm back on that, too. Thankfully the next few days I don't have much going on, so I am using it as an opportunity to concentrate on healthy eating and....

EXERCISE! Guess who hit the gym yesterday? Yeah... that would be me, too. I just felt like I NEEDED to. Since I got this tattoo, I've been stuck with no physical activity. The tat is not completely healed, but I think it's well enough that I can start back exercising. The heat index in middle TN was over 100 degrees yesterday, so I didn't think walking outside was a good idea. Even if I take bottled water, it's HOT by the time I get home. So after letting the kids swim for a while, I went to the gym. I was going to walk on the treadmill, but I HATE TREADMILLS. So I jumped on the elliptical and did a great 45 minutes. I felt so good afterward!

I hope everyone is still participating and working toward the prize in the WALKING CHALLENGE! I haven't been giving it my all, but I'm also NOT QUITTING! I really wanna get another 20 lbs. off by the time school starts on August 1, and I know I can do that! But I need to focus, and get myself moving.

I made another decision today that is probably going to help keep me motivated. I've decided to put my daughter on a diet, and start getting strict about what my kids are eating. Since being home for summer break, they've been eating CRAP all day. I don't buy them a lot of junk like chips, cookies, or snack cakes. But they exist on cereal, pop-tarts, crackers, and Popsicle's. Most days there isn't even a set breakfast, lunch, and dinner because they eat ALL DAY!

I lost control when I started teaching summer school. They are home alone all morning. But then I started allowing them to play outside past meal times, and now they go see their dad on the weekends. And he DOES give them unlimited cookies and chips and snacks. My two youngest kids are thin, and can eat anything and not gain. But my oldest daughter has always been heavy. She has adopted every bad eating habit I've ever had, and I am constantly in a battle with her about the food she eats. She will sneak food behind my back, which is also a major problem.

So this morning I saw her eating a huge bowl of Cap'n Crunch for breakfast - which is sadly normal. But about 10 minutes later I came back in the kitchen, and she had just finished pouring milk in ANOTHER HUGE BOWL of cereal! When I called her on it, she said she was still hungry. I told her there was no way she could still be hungry, then I proceeded to pour the cereal down the garbage disposal. I called my son in, and informed both of them that sugary cereal would no longer be brought in the house - along with pop-tarts and processed snack foods. The way I see it... if the food isn't in the house, then my daughter can't sneak them when I 'm not there!

Bottom line is that if eating clean and healthy is the right way for me, it's also the right way for my kids! We ALL need to get on board. Yeah, I know they will b*tch and complain for a minute, but so what? They're children, and they'll get over it!


  1. They will get over it. And they'll be better off in the long run as well.

  2. They will moan and complain, but stay strong. I wish I would have when my son was younger. He is quite heavy now, at age 20, and of course I blame myself.

    Way to get on the program!

  3. I love the quote, get your a$$ up and dust yourself off, great information!!

  4. Hi - just found your blog! Congrats on the great success!
    I hear you on the kids - I have two young ones and I'm really trying to fix my own habits so that they don't adopt the bad ones.
    Those sugary cereals are NOT filling at all! Once she gets used to filling food, with fiber, then she won't need to eat more than one bowl.

  5. Good going getting yourself back on track.

    It's tough getting kids to eat healthfully, isn't it? We've made great strides in my house, but my son still isn't eating like I'd like. I need to make that a priority like you are.

  6. Way to go! Keep up the hard work. Cheers, Erin

  7. They will be better off. I've passed on my bad habits to my kids, and I love them too much to see them experience being a Fat Daddy. We've been buying fruit instead of chips these days. The kids are bitching, but then they will always gripe about something. Might as well be eating right. You're doing good.


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