Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 53 - Are YOU walking?

Today is the first day of my walking challenge! And today it did prove to be a challenge, but I did it anyway. I got a 90-minute walk in - although it was at a pretty moderate pace. But I was moving, and I was tired as HELL by the time I was done. And the last part of it was in the rain, so I should get some points for that!

I have been back on plan this week, and I'm so happy about that. TOM is here, so I don't feel 100%, but I know that I am headed in the right direction. This week has really made me see, though, how fitness and a healthy lifestyle can be so important in the career path I've chosen (special education). Working with my summer school class, I really have to be on my toes! We have some very "active" students - some are runners! So for the 3 hours I am there, I am constantly on the move, with barely enough time to grab a drink of water every so often. I am so glad that I wake up to a healthy breakfast in the mornings, because I need it to last me until lunch time. I am also glad that I am physically able to do my job, and will be able to keep up when I am in a classroom all day in the future.

Well folks, today has been downright shitty. I don't want to get into it on here, but my feelings got hurt today :( Not by Clyde this time (shocker, I know), but by someone else I really care about. Yeah, it sucks. But the long walk helped get my mind off things for a little while. Now I'm just going to try to go to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  1. Hi Hollie

    I just wanted to introduce myself since I joined your Hollie's Hotties Challenge "O) I am Pauline from Australia and I would like to lose some weight and I thought this might help motivate me! So even though my husband is NOT happy about me walking in the morning so my whole routine has been UPSET- he did say that it was ok with him in the afternoon!
    Now I have to tell you that afternoons are HARD for me! I am pooped after a big day and all the eating! So it may take some getting used to- but the Challenge motivated me to go today!
    Anyway sorry this is long and really sorry to hear that someone close to you made you upset... I hope that you can find a way to "make up" "O) It is horrible when relationships go awry!!!

    Well, keep up the good work at your end! I hope I can make the other 59 days "O)


  2. 90 minutes?!!! Look at you! I was feeling pretty good about getting in 40 minutes today but I am not worthy compared to you. Good going.

    Sorry to hear about the drama and hope it gets resolved soon.

  3. Higs girl! You deserve it! And the person who is being crappy to you... needs their butt kicked. You are too great a person for anyone to do whatever they did to you. BUT I'm proud of you for the walk. :) Good way to release that stress! :)

  4. I am walking too - yay! And I got rained on, lol.

    Hope you have a better day and your hurt feelings improve.


  5. Hi, I just found your blog recently and I am catching up on my reading. I missed the sign up for your walking challenge. I love walking - I even started a virtual walking club [check it out -] and would love to join your challenge.

    Can I still join? I even walked yesterday so I have minutes to contribute.



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