Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 51 - Busy, busy, busy

Today has been hectic. First day of summer school went well. The children are so sweet, and hopefully they will begin to warm up to us more each day. Working with children with special needs is more rewarding than I can describe. I love it.

Not much happened to day... still on track. Was around 1500 calories today (and I know this b/c I journaled!). Not as much water, because I just can't drink when I'm at school now. We have one child who is very fast and will have the bottle opened and chugging it before you can blink! So I had to put my water bottle up high. Well, because of the constant pace we go, I really didn't have time to think about water, let alone time to run to the bathroom!

My daughter has tried out for the middle school soccer team two days in a row, and the final cut will be posted tomorrow. She is so nervous, and I am afraid she'll be crushed if she doesn't make the cut. I watched the last part of try-outs today, and some of those girls are good! They've either been playing soccer since they were 3, or play on competitive travel teams, so they have so much more experience than she does. I'm crossing my fingers!

Off to bed EARLY again - yeah! Trying to get back on a good sleep routine.

BTW - ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO SIGN UP FOR THE WALKING CHALLENGE! I know I am SO ready for this! It rained this afternoon, and is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. Ugh.


  1. I stumbled across your blog and you inspired me to sign up for the walking challenge!

    Whooo Hooo!! I'm excited!

  2. Ok... So... i admit. Not signing up for the walking challenge. BUT! I will sign up. huh? I'll sign up to support you. And i'll challenge myself to workout just as many minutes as you walked. I admit... walking here in this heat... makes me sick. Physically ill due to the heat. So... instead I'll challenge myself to workout at home AT LEAST as long as you walk. I'll go sign up as soon as I get home from my apt that I'm already late for. :)


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