Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 39 - Greetings from La-La Land!

Yes, I am a little loopy today, lol. I went out with a friend last night unexpectedly, and had a really great time. I didn't work out yesterday, but did dance a lot! I ran into some other friends and everyone commented on how good I looked, and how much weight I'd lost. I was so happy about that, especially when my friend made a comment on how much smaller my stomach was. She even used the word "flat", lol! I did drink, but didn't make bad food choices - or any food choice for that matter. On the way home, our group of friends wanted to stop at I-Hop, but even in my tipsy state I knew I didn't want to eat there. It almost seemed... gross? And then we ended up stopping at Steak-n-Shake, where my friend ordered me a kids meal since my stomach was feeling a little queezy. I ate one french fry and spit it out the window. I couldn't even swallow it - I thought it would just make me sick. This morning when I left for work, the hamburger and fries were still sitting in the bag on my friend's kitchen table. I have no desire - sober or not - to eat fast food.

I also didn't eat any of the pizza yesterday. Thankfully my co-worker is respectful of my abstinence from what we call "crack", so I didn't have anyone pushing it in my face. There was also chips, Ding-Dongs, and sodas. I ate my salad and was quite content. After school, we still had about 1 1/2 pizzas leftover, so I took them home for the kids to have for dinner (since I knew I would be going to Jessica's house). Still absolutely no desire to eat that damned pizza. It amazes me that I have gone so far that I can turn down pizza. Besides soda and sugar, pizza was the one other thing I thought I could never give up. And now I finally have control of it.

Today is the last day of school, but I still have a teacher workday tomorrow, and then I also have to report on Saturday for 1/2 day. I can't believe this school year is already over! I really love my job and look forward to Summer school in June. I will be working with Special Ed. students with severe disabilities, which will be a total change for me. Even though it will be a challenge, I am glad to get the experience. I finally turned in my lesson plans on Monday and everyone in charge liked them. I also found out yesterday that I am got accepted into a grant program that will pay for all the classes that I will need for licensure. I am in the Master's program, but the undergrad classes I need for my teacher license are not included in that tuition. So this program will cover the difference, and finally get me on the track I need to be on.

One thing that I am going to HAVE to be disciplined with this summer is my school work. My job at the school has made it easy so far - because I do my school work during my down-time. I rarely ever have to do school stuff from home on the weekends. But this summer I will have to get my butt in gear so I can keep my 4.0 GPA! I have the privilege of being able to bring my school laptop home with me over the summer, and have also found out that they are going to let me take our class's Wii home, too. They don't want us to leave it in the classroom for fear someone will steal it over the summer, and since my co-worker doesn't have kids, he offered to let me take it! We have a lot of active games that will make you break a sweat. That's actually why we have it. Our students are alternative/behavior and do not get to participate in gym class or any type of P.E. So the director bought us a Wii so we could be active in the classroom. We actually got approved for a Wii Fit, but can never find one in the store when we have the Wal-Mart card. So we got Outdoor Challenge, which is good. It also has a mat, and makes you move a lot.

Ok... gotta get to work. We only have 1 student (lol) but there is so much end-of-the year stuff to do.


  1. Well done! You're doing so well. I'm now following you and looking forward to your fantastic journey! All the best, T

  2. We really like Rayman Raving Rabbids TV party for a way to get in movement without really thinking about it. It is silly and can really get you up dancing around as you play with those silly rabbits !

  3. Wow, what an impressive post! Turning down pizza and fast're amazing!

    That's wonderful you get to use the computer and Wii over the summer.

    Congrats on that 4.0!

  4. I just found your blog and plan on reading it regularly. I'm sure you're an inspiration to so many! I am just starting my weight loss journey. I am blogging about my journey as well so please check my blog out. Maybe you can help keep me accountable :) I wish you great success in your journey!


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