Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 38 - Shiny Happy People

That song has been in my head for the past couple of days... my oldest is SO annoyed that I busted out the old R.E.M. cd to play in the car, lol. But I am really trying to adjust my mood - something that is necessary for me from time to time. I have struggled with depression for most of my life, but am currently not on medication for it. The stress and struggle that is my life has just been so much the past couple of weeks. But I'm so thankful for the sunshine we've had the past few days (weather also affects my mood) so I can hopefully snap out of this funk. And music helps, too!

I had WW yesterday, and lost 6.6 lbs. That is for two weeks since I didn't weigh in last week because of the concert. I didn't stay for the meeting because I planned to go walking. Until, that is, my daughter reminded me of soccer practice! Damn! I had forgot. So instead, I spent 3 hours on the soccer field. But the sun and weather was so nice, and I got to work on my blanket.

I planned on doing a DVD before bed last night, but of course I didn't. I decided to do my hair instead, lol. Plus I was super-tired and wanted to get at least 6 hours of sleep - which I did! I also got a lot of cleaning done last night. I have really let my household chores fall to the wayside the past few weeks. I am so unmotivated to do ANYTHING it seems. The only think I am doing with any type of consistency is eat right and do my school assignments. I have decided I really need to focus and write out a plan for the next two months. There is SO MUCH I need to accomplish, but I have to get my ass in gear to make it happen. Mentally, I am my own worse enemy sometimes.

Today is the pizza party at school, and I'm no longer stressing out about it. I'm over it the urge, and ready to say no. I brought an awesome salad for lunch (roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato) and am even treating myself to a drizzle of reduced-fat honey mustard salad dressing that I found in my fridge. I have also brought watermelon and strawberries for my a.m. and p.m. snack. So, I feel like I'm getting a treat, only with healthy food instead of greasy, fattening pizza and chips. I'll let ya know how it goes!


  1. Better to let the housework go than yourself. ;)

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome progress!

    If you are so inclined - can you walk during your daughters soccer practice or do you play during? I used to play -- when I had practice when I was younger, some parents would walk the track around the soccer field.

  3. MY OWN WORSE ENEMY...boy can I relate to that. I have not been motivated to do my house work either. I feel so much better when my surrounding are neat and tidy.

    At least you are eating right....that's huge! Your weight loss was must be pleased with that!

    Keep it up!

  4. Even for two weeks, that's an amazing weight loss - congratulations!

  5. Fantastic loss! Good job.

    I need to spring clean my house, or just clean it. lol

    Music can really help my mood. When I'm feeling anxious or stressed, calm stuff does the trick. When I'm feeling blue, I like upbeat music. It's amazing how powerful it is.

  6. Congratulations on the loss ! As to the rest , it takes a plan that will work for your own life. Start by making a list of priorities, a perfect level of time spent on them, and then compromise and juggle. Or as I jokingly say skip the rob Peter to pay Paul concept. Blindfold Peter, knock out Paul and send in Stanley to keep the two of them occupied while you do what your heart tells you to .

  7. i love pizza... good luck with saying no!

  8. I know what you mean about getting your mind straightened out. i too suffer from depression (not medically treated) and I too find that music kicks depressions butt. It also helps when I'm angry :) Right now... i'm in love with the black eyed peas boom boom pow! it makes me feel empowered! Every time the song is on I'm up, bouncing around singing, punching, dancing... you name it. And when i'm in the car... it's probably a moment for funniest home video's. I would try to walk around the soccer field during practice/games. Then you can still see her play and still exercise. heck... you could even do some backwards walking and sideway's walking... talk about a workout! Anyhow... Congrats on getting the no in your head, it's a hard thing to do when you're feeling weak. :)

    And BTW... I'm still around, skulking and reading like a stealth spy. I've just not had very much time for the computer this week. I'll catch you all up ASAP :-)

  9. OH! I forgot to say CONGRATS on the 2wk- 6lb weightloss! that's amazing! :) Can you imagine what the exercise is going to do for you :) LOL


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