Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 37 - Out to Lunch/Goal Pants

I just got back from going to lunch with two of my co-workers. It was unexpected, but a nice treat. We got to take this little excursion for helping cover classes during Spring Fling a few weeks ago. We went to a local place called the Cukoo's Nest, and it was pretty good. I got salad sampler, and only ate half. They brought this really delicious bread out with an orange marmalade butter. I had a tiny piece of it, and was satisfied with just trying it. Although I could have eaten the whole plate full! It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in TN! I am so glad I got that lawn done yesterday, so now I can get out and WALK this afternoon.

Hopefully I can leave my son playing with his little neighbor friend, so I can put the baby in the stroller and my oldest daughter and I can walk for at least an hour. Thirty minutes is usually as long as my son can go before he gets tired. But he's only 8, and a really good sport about going walking with us. Either way, it's on as far as getting a workout. Last night it took me 1:15 to cut the yard, but I'm only counting an hour ($10) since I did have to stop once to re-fuel, and another couple of times to un-clump the wet grass. It's a really good workout, though! My arms are tired, and I'm breathing hard from start to finish. You can't tell in the pictures, but my back yard is as big or bigger than the front. It's not a small job.

This morning I was getting ready for work, and decided to try on my "goal pants" again. It's been a week or two, so I figured it couldn't hurt. THEY FIT! I have two pair that are identical, except one pair is white and one pair is olive green. The olive green one's look better because they're not so transparant. But honestly, I don't like the way either pair look on me! They are linen, so the material is not forgiving at all. They are more fitted in the hips than in my waist, so I have to pull the drawstring on them, since not they are TOO LOOSE in the waist! I started to wear the green ones but didn't. I just don't really like them! Mabye if I loose a little more weight they'll "fall" better around my thighs and I'll like them better.

SO... I am moving on to the next pair. I have a pair of size 22 denim capri's that is next on my list. They are Venezia, but do not have any stretch at all. If they had stretch, I'd be able to wear them now. But my next "goal" will be to wear these capri's by the end of the summer. Technically, my goal was to be able to wear those linen capri's by my birthday, and I made it!

Today is WW weigh-in at school. I will go WI, but I am not staying for the meeting. I'd rather be walking out in this glorious weather! I'm kinda bummed because I have lost my little 25 lb. disc that was on my keychain! I don't know what happened to it :( But it pisses me off that I worked so hard to get it and lost it. I should have put it up instead of putting it on my keychain.

And if you haven't read this blogger or post, you've got to! I laughed my ass off this morning!

What My Scale Might Say If It Could Talk



  1. Goals are always very important. They let you know when you have accomplished something.

  2. Well done on the pants fitting.

    Shame about they key ring loss, but you have a more permanent prize - a thinner, fitter you!

  3. Oh cool about the pants fitting! That had to made your day when you were able to get them on!

    Sorry about the 25 pound key ring. When I did WW a few years back, I got my 10% thing...and it BROKE. I was so ticked off. lol Then I decided to just look in the mirror, I was wearing my 10% loss. =)

    Enjoy the beautiful weather. Good luck at WI.


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