Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 30 - Eating to Live

I made it 30 whole days with NO SUGAR and NO CAFFEINE! Woo Hoo! This is a record - something I've NEVER done before. It feels good to know that I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone, and actually have succeeded for so long. Yesterday I was back on my eating schedule, and got all my supplements. At dinner time last night, I actually stood in my kitchen and didn't know what I wanted to eat. I had plenty of healthy, great-tasting choices, but I wasn't hungry, so it was hard to decide. In the past, I would have skipped the meal, or waited until I was hungry or famished. Then I might have made a not-so-good choice. So I ate something healthy and filling because it was good for me.

I think I have turned a corner to where I finally am beginning to understand what it's like to eat to live, instead of living to eat. I used to look forward to pizza, or get happy thinking about my donut from wal-mart. Or get excited when someone suggested eating at Cracker Barrel - because where else can you get such great French toast any time of the day? But this past week, eating has been for nourishment. Not for enjoyment. It's not a top priority in my life anymore. If anything, it's making my life much simpler. The time it takes me to shop for groceries has gone down considerably. I no longer go up and down every aisle of the store, because most if not all of my groceries come from the perimeter of the store or the frozen food section. My grocery bill has gone down because I'm not going through 2 - 3 12-packs of soda each week. I don't buy several boxes of sugary cereal and gallons of milk and boxes of pop tarts. Yeah, my kids protested at first, but now they just accept that we're changing the way we're eating.

And another positive change I see in them is their activity. Before we moved, we lived on almost two acres out in the rural part of the county. I used to beg for them to go outside and play, and then they would sit in chairs by the door until I let them come back in. But since we've moved, and also drastically changed the types of food that come into the house, my children can't WAIT to go outside. They are out there all day sometimes. I actually have to give them "5-min. warnings" that it's time to come in and have dinner. I'm sure it helps that we have neighbors for them to play with, but I just love that they're being active and playing a lot, instead of stuck in front of the TV or playing video games.

Tonight is the concert, and I'm so excited. I tried on my outfit last night, and thought it was funny when I saw how LOOSE my pants were. These are the same pants I bought back in Feb. and was so happy to be in a size 24. Now it's official that BOTH my slacks and jeans in size 24 are loose. I actually had to pick another pair of heels to wear with the outfit because the looseness around the waist made my pants longer! I am also able to wear cute chain belt around the shirt, and it's not even swallowed up by my fat rolls! AND I was able to give MYSELF a pedicure last night. Six months ago I couldn't even paint my own toenails! Now it was no sweat to cross my leg to scrub off the dead skin, and then paint my toenails a pretty Emerald green color. Nice!


  1. Congrats on going 30 days with no sugar or caffeine! You have done such an amazing turn-around and I am so impressed!!!

    You just sound so much happier - much less frustrated with yourself and life in general. Great news on the smaller size too! Have fun at the concert!!!

  2. It has never ceased to amaze me at how making one small move in our intake can make such a huge difference in our whole lives. We live in a nation that is flooded with so much bad food packaged in ways that make us think it is not only normal but healthy that we often do not see it. Then when we make a move to change, it is like all kinds of blinders fall away. One change leads to so many others, and suddenly we find that we just are no longer the persons we started the journey as.

  3. You have a steel will that I am very envious of - 30 days without sugar!!! I don't think I could do the same.

    It really sounds like you have turned a corner - actually asking yourself if you're hungry instead of diving right in. Good for you.

  4. That's amazing on the sugar/caffeine thing! Go you. I don't think I could do it...yet. But you're inspiring me to try!

    Enjoy the rewards of losing the flabbies....you're earning every ne of them :-)

  5. Wow, 30 days without caffeine or sugar! You rock!


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