Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 24 - Weigh In

Yesterday was WI day. I have allowed my scales back into my house, and my early morning reading was 290.8 - my lowest weight since 2006. I also had WW yesterday, and was only down 1 lb. there. But I feel really good about it, since it is TOM, and I don't think I've EVER lost during TOM. I used to gain up to 10 lbs, and even on plan I usually gain about 3 - 5 lbs. But a loss is amazing. Good thing is that my loss the next week is usually great, so I am looking forward to it. Now that my scales are back home, and I don't feel the need to weight every day, I am going to go back to weekly WI's at home on Tuesday morning and use that number again. I just think that if you are going to weigh, you should do it first thing in the morning.


  1. Congratulations !! And check my blog- you have been awarded !

  2. 1lb at the TOM is brilliant indeed - it will definitely be more next week. Well done!

  3. Hi there :) I stumbled across your blog and found your battle to lose weight very inspirational. I have a great deal of weight to lose and love reading how other people are succeeding at weight loss :) Congrats on your losses so far!



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