Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 22 - Habits and Headaches

Can you believe that today starts the 22nd day on plan! It seems like the time has flown by, but it's been pretty good so far. I've heard a trillion times that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So maybe I've actually stuck with this long enough that living without sugar, caffeine, and processed foods is now a good habit that I possess. It's still a struggle, though. Especially with the sugar. But I am making the choice each day to "just say no". It is easier, I have to admit. I don't feel like crying when I pass candy and donuts in Wal-mart anymore. I don't "think" about it all the time. Even when offered something sweet, I am able to say no without having to think about it.

I am also learning how to cope with my stress and emotions in ways that do not involve binging. Let me tell you, this weekend was hard. After the fiasco that was my Friday, things didn't get much better. Clyde is driving me insane with his constant whining and selfishness. It totally burns me that he is so selfish and inconsiderate of his children, but wants to turn everything around so it's somehow my fault. And then last night he flipped the script again and started begging for me to give him a second chance. NOT! I did not sleep well at all, then woke up to discover that one of my kids had left the freezer door open all night. Talked about pissed off first thing in the morning. I was able to salvage most of the food and put it in my deep freezer, but it was still a huge mess, and I'm not even sure it's still working.

But through all this, I haven't wanted to binge at all. Food has not been my comfort. I have played a lot of Mafia Wars. I have also crocheted a lot. I even spent a few hours making a play list of all my favorite songs from the 80's and 90's (which I'm so psyched about). I did not eat any bad food this weekend. The only thing I slacked on was my eating schedule. I find that sometimes I forget to eat on the weekends, and I forget to eat my snacks. I also only got 72 oz. of water yesterday, which is way low for me. But no binging, no uncontrollable urges. Just "other stuff to do".

I got a really bad headache at work this morning, and ALMOST convinced myself to buy a soda. But I quickly told myself NO and started thinking about what a failure I would feel like if I had to start over. It wasn't worth it, so I had to just find someone with some pain reliever. I feel better now, thank goodness! I don't think the headache had anything to do with food - I think it had more to do with stress. We have a student that has been really driving me insane. He starts screaming and singing for attention. That would give anyone a headache, right?


  1. Headaches are one of the really difficult stumbling blocks to get past, and they happen for so many reasons.One thing that helps me is to rub my forehead and then the pad sort of thing between my thumb and index finger. And your mention of crocheting is inspiring me to drag out my fabric and make another quilt !

  2. I feel like a broken record! Great job. It's wonderful to see you staying on plan, fighting those cravings and really... seeing the internal fight melt away with the fat. :)

  3. Way 2 go. I need to be more like you. You are really doin well.

  4. Wow! All I can say is breathe. When you have kids, I am finding that everything is harder. There is always more drama, more cleaning, and more yelling. But when it's the kids, you expect it from them.

    You are doing very well with being on plan. Don't let the world keep you from achieving everything you want.

  5. I'm new on this weight loss journey myself but you seem to really have it together. :o) I am going to follow your path and hope I can do as well. Good luck on your journey, I look foward to seeing your progress!

  6. I am glad you are doing well on your current program. I know when I first started changing my food choices it was tough at first but became easier later. I take a tea I get with Herbalife instead of Soda now and it has really helped.


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