Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 7 - One whole week of success!

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. Things have been slightly hectic and a little unorganized. But the good thing is that I have stayed on my plan, and am still eating well and doing great!

Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day in TN. Our class got invited to participate in the 8th grade field day, so I got to take them and sit in the beautiful sunshine most of the day! The school day just flew by. And there were still plenty of temptations at work, since they grilled hot dogs and had a school-wide cookout, but I brought my salad along and was just fine!

I went out with Friday night with some friends and had a great time. This was my first "test" on how I was going to do with alcohol. Yvette had warned me that my tolerance would be lower because of the clean eating, and I should have listened. After two drinks I was really feeling the funk, in a good way! But even though there was a wide variety of food and appetizers available, I didn't cave. I crashed at my friends house because I had to get up early Saturday morning for my kids' soccer games.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I felt like crap! I only had about three hours of sleep, and had a headache. When I opened my friend's fridge to get something to drink, there was nothing but juice and diet soda. I wanted a soda SO BAD and could just feel how refreshing it would be. I even tried to justify (in my head) that it would be good to cure my hangover. But I know me, and that would have started me down to having several all day, and not allowing me to get my water in. SO, I passed on the soda, and remembered I still had a case of bottled water in the back of my truck.

Being semi-prepared, I had also brought a protein bar with me, so for breakfast Saturday I had the protein bar and water on the way back home. I got a little hungry at the soccer game, and ate an orange as a snack. I didn't even feel tempted to go to the concession stand, even when Clyde sat beside me eating nachos (which I REALLY like). After the game, I came home and grilled, and had a nice salad with grilled chicken for lunch. For dinner I had a bowl of oatmeal, which I barely ate because I added cottage cheese (like I have seen so many do). It tasted terrible, so I scraped it into the trash. I think I'll stick to pumpkin or applesauce. But I still felt satisfied for the rest of the night.

I was EXTRA thirsty yesterday, which is probably an alcohol side-effect. I think I drank close to 200 oz. of water yesterday. I was also hoping maybe it would flush out my system a bit. I had a house-warming party to go to last night, but decided not to drink before I went. I took a big bottle of water, and drank on it. Everyone was going out to the club after the party, but I decided to call it a night early. I was still tired from the night before, and I didn't want to drink two nights in a row. It started raining right as I got home, and I slept like a baby!

One thing that is on my mind all the time now is progress. I finally feel like I am making real progress on this journey, not just losing weight. Every day that I eat clean and abstain from sugar and caffeine, I feel like I'm doing something good for my body. Yeah, a part of me still wants to see that scale move, but not a big part anymore. I am really able to look at the long-term, and I hope to be able to keep that as my focus. I am eating so well, and moving so much more that the pounds will have no choice but to fall off. It might take a while for my body to get out of shock, though. I've never treated it this good for 7 whole days!

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  1. Congrats on having a fab week! Making better choices can only yield to weight loss ... I can totally relate ... The scale moving, hasn't been much of a priority for me these days ... being able to say that this is the new me or it's developing into a lifestlye appears to be much more rewarding ... :) ... take care!


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