Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 15 - First big test...

Yes, tonight is what I consider my first big test since I have been eating clean. I am going out for an event tonight that will be at an Italian restaurant - Carrabas if anyone has heard of it. I asked Yvette to look over the menu with me, so I have a plan as far as eating goes. I have to also abstain from alcohol, which may or may not be hard, depending on the atmosphere. But being that I have about a 40 minute drive, and with WW being tomorrow, I am making the decision to not drink. The hard part? STICKING TO MY PLAN. There is something about a restaurant that will make me cave every damn time! It's like I lose my mind - probably something to do with the aromas floating around.

I have had TWO successful weeks eating clean. I have consistently eaten every 3 - 4 hours, abstained from both sugar and caffeine. I have avoided processed food, and made an attempt to round out all my meals and snacks with the correct proportion of protein, good carbs, and healthy fat. I have taken all of my supplements on most days. AND I am drinking A LOT of water, - between 120 - 180 oz. per day. The changes I have made are amazing, if I do say so myself. I never thought I could do this - but I have. And I will continue to do it, because the end result will be me getting to goal.

I finally got my closet cleaned out, and all the winter and fat clothes are stored in the shed. I also got my desk cleaned off...which was a task in itself! The capris I am wearing today have not fit since I bought them in 2006! And I discovered this weekend that all of my shorts are WAY too big. It is such a good feeling, though! My birthday is in one month, and I am going to treat myself to a new pair of shorts if I can stay on plan until then. I have also told Clyde I want a pedicure for Mother's day, even though I am able to polish my own toes now! Yeah, at 333 lbs, tying shoes and polishing toes take too much effort. It makes me so sad to think about how last year I wore Crocs all the time because I was so fat they were the most comfortable and easy shoes I could find. But this year, I am partying in heels, baby!

I am going to post some more before/after pictures soon, and am also going to start trying out a video blog. I love Bloggers who add videos from time to time, so I want to do it, too.


  1. Congrats on eating clean for 2 weeks. I'm trying that too.

  2. Good luck with the meal out - Italian is fairly clean if well made.

    And well done on the smaller clothes - woo-hoo!

    I love the idea of a video blog too!

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  4. good luck with dinner! I try to eat as clean as I can but haven't made the full switch. Can't wait to hear about your evening!


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