Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 13 - Heat stroke!

It is HOT in TN! went from cold to in-between. This morning was a busy one. Orientation for summer term was today, and my kids also had soccer games. I went to school at 8 am and picked up my schedule, then went to soccer from 8:30 to 12:15, then rushed back home, dropped off my kids, and rushed back to school. I was there for a few hours so I could get my syllabus and meet the teacher for both of my classes, then came back home. And then I was EXHAUSTED! It was so hot out today, I just felt like the heat had zapped my energy. Then I took a good look in the mirror, and I am sunburned! Even with SPF 50 I always get so tanned in the summer, but my arms are burning. I was going to cut the grass today, but after Clyde called and offered to do it tomorrow, I decided to let him. Yeah, it's good exercise, but I was so tired! Besides, my knee has been killing me today! I can hardly put weight on it. Ugh!

I was trying to fight the urge to turn on the AC in the house. I have had all the ceiling fans going and windows open for two days, but at 8 p.m. when it was still 86 degrees in the house, I decided to turn on the AC. I can't stand to be hot when I'm asleep. SO, after a terrible night of sleep last night from sweating, I am on my way to blissful slumber tonight. I am going to take a cool shower, wash my hair, and jump into the clean sheets I just put on my bed. I might even put on nightclothes, lol!

This is my second weekend on my new plan, and everything went well today. I got up early so I could have a good breakfast, and took a LUNA bar for a snack at the game. Since I was rushing at lunch time, I whipped up a protein shake I could take with me in the car. And for dinner I had a huge salad. I have some fruit for my pm snack. And because of the heat, I made sure to get a lot of water down today. It was super-easy, though.

I did have to fight the cereal-aisle demon tonight at Publix. I have a water cooler at my house, and I take my 5 gal. jug to Publix for refills. Since I also needed milk, I had to actually go inside the store. I picked up more lettuce, along with a chunk of watermelon and a pear. I don't know why I was wandering down the cereal aisle.... But I spotted the Cap'n Crunch - BOGOF. Yes, I thought - WE LOVE CAPN CRUNCH. But then I had to stop - could I bring this in the house just for my kids? Did I have the willpower to stay away from it? I guess the answer was NO, because I didn't get it. Sometimes I still feel weak when it comes to certain foods I used to binge on. Cereal is one of those triggers.

I have also really been wanting a soda. Clyde was drinking the last Diet Pepsi that I had in my refrigerator the other day when he was over with the kids, and I just had the urge to snatch it out of his hand! So I bought some sparkling water, and a Diet-7up (even though I know it has artificial sweeteners I thought that would be better than the caffeine). I had a bottle of sparkling water today, and I really think it's the refreshing carbonation that I am craving, not the actual caffeine. Good thing my kids thought I bought that 7-up for them and have almost drank the whole 2-liter! I never let my kids drink soda, so whenever I bring 7-up or Sprite home they think it's a treat for them, lol.

Hopefully tomorrow will go as well (eating-wise) as today. I am feeling more confident as each day goes by!


  1. I know about heat, I live in Las Vegas, man does it get hot here. Hang in there.

  2. Capn Crunch does not do it for me, but if I get within eyesight of a Hostess Snowball ( cream filled chocolate cake mound covered in marshmallow and chocolate frosting, I really , really struggle ! And I am the same way with sleeping in heat. Happily we have a few more weeks here till we will need the ac. Plus, as you lose the more tolerant of heat you will become.

  3. Good for you resisting buying the Captain... even if it's on sale, if it's a detriment to your caloric budget, it's not a deal!

  4. Great temptation avoidance!

    It is curiously warm in Scotland too - not as warm as there, but a tad too warm for April.

  5. Please send some heat my way. :-) It has been up and down here. I want some warmer weather. I am such a chicken when it comes to chilly weather.


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