Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 12 - Reflections

I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog! The past couple of days my time at work has been consumed by a crocheting project. Yes - Hollie has learned to crochet - and I like it! A co-worker has been diagnosed with cancer, and all the teachers have been crocheting a prayer shawl for her to wear during chemo. Well, yesterday I was recruited to help. After a quick demonstration, I was handed a needle and some yarn. Being the "type-A" personality I am, I had to not only learn, but make it perfect. We are finally done, but I think I might have just found a hobby! It was very relaxing, and a great way to take my mind off food.

I am still doing great on my plan. Twelve days with no sugar or caffeine and totally eating clean. The weather in TN turned very warm yesterday, so I finally got out and started walking again. It felt really good to get moving. My plan is to get a walk in today, and Sat. and Sun. I have pretty much nixed all my weekend plans so it shouldn't be hard. I have decided NOT to go out this weekend so it will not be hard for me to abstain from alcohol. I don't want anything to throw me off right now.

I am really able to tell a difference in my clothes. I dug out my summer clothes, and the difference between this year and last year is huge. Capri's that were snug in the waist last year actually need a belt! Yesterday I wore an outfit that I only wore once last year because it was too small. Thankfully my wardrobe won't be very important this summer, so I will wear as much of my clothes as I can until they fall off. Then hopefully by the end of July when school starts back I can go shopping and buy much smaller sizes!

I actually went out the other day and bought a full-length mirror to hang in my room. I have said this before, but I avoid mirrors. I have the small mirrors in my bathroom, and one on my dresser in my room. But seeing myself from the waist up was all that was bearable before. Now with trying on clothes and liking the way that feels, I decided that I wanted to see the whole picture. I want to start accepting the way I look now, and start loving the reflection in the mirror. So, hanging up that mirror is on my "to do" list this weekend. So is purging my closet of all the size 26 and 28 clothes. Since my 24's are getting loose, it's time!


  1. I enjoy knitting, I do crochet a bit, but I knit the most. Glad you are enjoying it!

    And good news about the clothing situation!

  2. I love it when old clothes start to fit again. Makes me feel so good. The house I live in now has 2 closet size mirros in the bedroom. It's crazy to roll over and see your fat body staring back at you. EEK!

  3. It's a great feeling to have clothes be too loose.
    You are doing fabulous.

  4. I haven't crocheted in ages. I remember learning though and then making 23 baby blankets lol. Maybe I need to dig my stuff out too, thanks for the idea.

    It's always such a great feeling when clothes get big. Have a great weekend.

  5. I am so proud of you! I'm starting a detox Thursday... following the fat smash diet... it's basically clean eating which I think is similar to your way of eating.

  6. ive lost 12 pounds so far, great artcle


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