Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick and tired...literally.

The weekend didn't go well. I ate too much, made poor choices, and didn't journal a thing. I don't have an excuse, so I'll move on.

Sunday night the baby got sick, so I was up all night with her. Took her to the doctor yesterday morning, and she has sinus issues and an ear infection. She seems to be much better already. But last night I was WIPED out. I went to bed early, and woke up feeling terrible this morning. I have an earache and my throat is sore. Uggh.

So I faced the scale this morning, because I knew I needed to get a total loss/gain for February. It was worse than I expected. 307.4. That's a 6.4 lb GAIN since last WI, and put me at a 3 lb. GAIN for the month of February. I'm really pissed off at myself for backsliding, but I'm not going to let it consume me. I'm back on track RIGHT NOW, and that's all that matters.

I was reading Lyn's blog yesterday (Escape from Obesity), and I was really encouraged by the way she doesn't give up. She admits her stumbles and moves on. She doesn't give up. I contemplated for one moment this morning not posting the exact amount of weight I'd gained because I was embarrassed and didn't want to let down the people who follow my blog. But I thought about Lyn and her post from yesterday. I decided to hold myself accountable, post the damage, and get my ass back on track for March. I can do this - I CAN DO THIS. But I've got to start paying attention and focusing on me.

On a side note, I finally got my garage unpacked enough so I can use my elliptical. Problem is ITS BROKEN! WTH! Apparently the drum got bent during the move, so the pedals wouldn't even move when I unfolded it. I pried it out enough so now it will go, but it makes a terrible scraping noise. I was sick to my stomach about this. That elliptical cost me about $900 a year ago. I think I may still be able to use it, but I hate to make it worse. I have been contemplating joining our local fitness center for some time - mainly so the kiddos and I can use their awesome pool this summer, but also so that I can use their fitness equipment. I might need to reconsider doing that. It's only $200 for a six-month membership (including child care), but I am so afraid to spend money right now.

Weight watchers is after school today, and hopefully it will go well. I really depend on those meetings for motivation, but lately it seems like our meetings are lacking something. I don't feel a connection with our leader anymore - I don't know what's up with that. It's time to renew our At-work membership, and I will do it, though. Like I said, I need that accountability.


  1. Hang in there Hollie. I'm sure some of that weight gain is fluid. Just get in plenty of water and get back to clean eating and it will fall off before you know it. You have so much going on I think you are doing great with your situation. You have to start patting yourself on the back for what you are doing right. Sorry to hear about the elliptical. Hope your WW meeting goes good and you hear something that will help make you feel better.

  2. im totally hating your elliptical machine for you right now. hang in there gains happen especially with stress sorry to hear about the little one, ear infections suck!

  3. What a huge bummer that your machine is effed up. I know what you mean about feeling sick to your stomach over it. Happens to me too.

    Don't worry about the gain, woman. It's already behind you.

    No matter what happened last week, you can do it.

  4. good for you to post your gain - how can you be accountable if you only post the good stuff?

    I'm impressed with your determination to NOT GIVE UP!

    That is the only way you will ever winn....Keep at it.

    You've already come a long way, do not be discouraged over one short period of time where the scale went the 'wrong' way.

    Sorry about the elliptical....maybe someone can fix it?

  5. Hi Hollie, I'm Justin
    I know what set backs feel like. It makes me want to sit in the corner and cry. But I'm glad to hear you're hanging in there. But don't give up. We know what we have to do to be happy. I'll be praying for you and many others as we take this journey. Here's to being healthy. I look forward to reading about your successes in the future. Someday our stories will inspire others.

  6. Keep an open mind with the leader give her a chance maybe it'll happen. My leader well the two different ones who's meetings I attend... I didn't like either of them last year or so... this year when I rejoined the one I didn't like the most is so great... try giving them a chance. I'm sorry to hear about your elliptical, I broke my treadmill. Hang in there, we all have gains... it's just time to get back on the saddle and drop this weight!

  7. Sorry about your elliptical, and about the gain. Gains happen, though. February is just one month. You can get back on the losing path.


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