Thursday, March 12, 2009

Much better!

Yesterday was much better. I was very happy with my food choices overall, and felt in control. My best friend and her girlfriend came over, and had requested fried chicken for dinner. I only had a couple of wings - it didn't tempt me at all. I guess it had something to do with me filling up on healthy food all day.

Today, I am really going to try to be aware of hunger signals. I can go for days at a time without being hungry at all. But yesterday, I had a huge breakfast around 9 a.m. and it was very filling. Well, my class takes lunch at 11 a.m., and that is also what time I usually eat lunch. But instead of eating, I decided to wait until I was hungry. I was trying to see just how long that oatmeal would last me if I let it. I started feeling hungry at around 1 p.m. It was then that I ate my chicken salad. I also had some fruit and crackers for snack at around 3 p.m. I honestly was not hungry at dinnertime last night. I ate 3 small wings while I was entertaining/cooking. I also ate some candy (being honest). But overall, it was a controlled day.

This morning I'm wearing a pair of my new size 24 jeans. Straight out of the dryer, they are a little loose. I can tell a big difference in the way they fit now compared to how they fit when I bought them a couple of weeks ago. TOM is leaving, and I already feel less bloated. I am SERIOUSLY making a goal to get on the elliptical tonight. I still feel sore from my long walk the other day, but I still want to keep my exercise momentum going.



  1. If you have the momentum, then keep it going! You are doing well with recognizing the positive and negative aspects of your actions in regards to losing weight. You will get there.

  2. Sorry I've not commented in so long. Sorry about your truck too. Damn!
    Looks like you have things back on track though!


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