Friday, March 6, 2009

5K, Vitatops, and Pizza

Man, I forgot to mention a few things on my previous post. I also have a NSV I'd like to share.

First, I have officially signed up for my FIRST 5K! I will be walking it with my daughter and my nephew on April 4. I turned in our entry fee and forms today. I'm excited about it, and it will be incentive to get out and start walking around the neighborhood and at the park during this warm weather to "train". The 5K is a fundraiser that our school system is having to promote awareness of childhood obesity. The money raised will help pay for a new playground at my son's school.

Second, I am interested in purchasing some VitaTops. I hear so many people talk about how good they are, but they are expensive. Any input about which kind is the best, or where I can find an online coupon would be great.

Ok, so I just had a NSV. Today is cheese pizza and french fries day at school - my favorite. There's something about school pizza and french fries that brings back warm, fuzzy feelings from childhood. This morning I was running late, so I just grabbed a SmartOnes entree out of the freezer. Last night, I had made some point-friendly pimento cheese from a recipe I got on the Kath Eats Real Food blog, but I didn't have time. So I told you in my previous post how my oatmeal and bowl melted in the micro at work this morning, so I didn't really have breakfast. When I took the class to lunch and saw the pizza, I almost caved. But instead of our regular fries, they had steak fries, which I don't care for.

So about 30 minutes later, one of our students came in from guidance with a lunch tray, and BEHOLD, it had the regular seasoned fries on it. So I dashed off to the cafeteria to get a school lunch - forget the SmartOnes. When I got in there, they had the good fries, but now only had sausage pizza (which I don't like). I contemplated getting the sausage pizza and picking it off, but that defeats the purpose, really. I came back to the classroom, then headed to the micro with my SmartOnes. It just wasn't in the cards for me to make that bad choice, I guess.

So while I was at the micro, the other teachers from my pod came in to eat their usual Friday Chinese take-out. It smelled so good, but I know how fattening it is. Funny thing, is that most of the women in the group attend my WW At-work meeting. But as they were sitting their eating their General Tso chicken and lo-mein and fried rice, I was standing their looking like a Weight Watchers poster child with my SmartOnes. If they only knew....LOL!


  1. God was watching out for ya *smile*. That's how I always feel when something goes like that to where I can't make the bad choice.

    Way to go on joining the 5k and to fight childhood obesity too, that's just wonderful.

    As for the Vitatops why not just try making a batch of my homemade protein bars. They are filling, tasty and though all the ingredients do cost initially you'll have enough ingredients to make several batches over the course of like a month. You can get cheap protein powder at walmart. Just an idea.

  2. protein powder is the only ingredient I'm missing...I'll go by walmart and make some this weekend. I'll let you know how they turn out!

  3. Great cause for the 5K - you're going to do great!

    Okay - so these Vitatops - my husband and I saw them in the Ingels (grocery store) the other day. Don't know too much about them - but if you try them please share (they were quite expensive). I've also seen the mix at Super Target...

    Great job on avoiding the pizza - that's a hard one!

  4. Wow, a 5K! How impressive!

    Warning about the VitaTops... a co-worker ordered some online and was extremely disappointed. So disappointed, in fact, she wrote to them for a refund. They gave her one, but she had to return all of the product, of course. I wish I could have tried one before she sent them back so I could give you a better review. Good luck with that and please keep us posted.

    It certainly looks like someone was looking out for you when it came time for lunch! Maybe He was just rewarding you for doing so well this morning! ;o)

    And the bottom line is that you did make the right choice! What you considered before doesn't count because thinking is 0 points! lol

    Keep up the great job Hollie. I am so proud of you!

  5. Well done for making the right choice for lunch!

    Congrats on signing up for the 5k.


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