Friday, February 20, 2009


The kiddos and I are home today. There's a stomach bug going around, and we've all got it. Well, I'm not sure I've got it, but my kids have been taking turns on the toilet. I felt a little nauseous when I got up this morning, but the smell of diarrhea can often do that to ya!

I went out with my BFF and some of her friends last night and we had a ball! I stayed OP yesterday, and have really been trying to get in as many f/v as possible. I only had two mixed drinks last night (that were awful), but still felt a little puffy this morning. I got on the scale and STS, but it's not official until Monday morning. I'm still expecting a loss because I've been eating really well and drinking my water like a good girl. Only 2 more lbs to Twoderville, and I can't wait!

The place we went to last night was sort of a night club/sports bar. I always get so nervous about going to night clubs because I feel so self-conscious about my weight. So last night was no different. But I had on my new jeans, with a pair of heels I haven't wore yet, and a cute top, so I figured I looked good. I told my bff about being nervous, and she assured me that I had nothing to worry about. Then I got there, and most of the other women there was fat, too! Obesity really is an epidemic! But at least I try to cover my fat up - some of these women were wearing clothes that were WAY too tight, LOL! But I guess if they're comfortable enough with their bodies to wear it, kudos to them.

Well, we've laid around all morning, and I guess I need to get up and try to clean and unpack some more. We've lived in this house almost three weeks and I still haven't finished unpacking. I've totally finished my living room and the kitchen, but the bedrooms still have boxes. My garage/utility room is such a mess, I didn't notice until last night that my deep freezer was unplugged. All the food in there was ruined, and there was A LOT of meat and food in there. Oh, well. My plan is to re-freeze it so the smell doesn't make me sick, then take it to the dump tomorrow. I also plan on getting my bedroom curtains to the dry cleaner, and hanging up the curtain rods.

I start my new job at Lane Bryant Outlet tomorrow, so I'm excited about that! 20% discount at the outlet, 40% at the retail store. I'm gonna have to be very careful about not spending my entire paycheck on clothes. I love clothes...and the more weight I lose the more I want to buy.


  1. My boys had that potty bug last weekend too. Poor things didn't get to miss school.

    Wow! That LB job was fast! I hope you love it.

  2. Wow bummer, I can't imagine how much food you lost leaving the deep freezer unplugged. Hopefully all that was in there was the stuff no one "really" wanted to eat anyway.

    Your doing a great job with your weight loss, keep dropping them pounds, were all here watching and waiting to hear your next bit of "Good News".

  3. I hope the kids and you start to feel better a lot faster.

    I think confidence over-rules size/weight. Go in there knowing you look good and everyone else will see it too.

    Also, it's not called fat anymore it's thick - and I've learned men especially latino/african american men love thick... :)

    However there is a such thing as clothes being to tight on a person, that's when it's called ick. LOl

  4. Sorry to hear everyone is sick, hope you don't catch it. Glad you had such a good time last night. Yea, don't eat up your paycheck buying clothes lol.


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