Thursday, February 12, 2009

Non-Scale Victories!

Just had to post again today because it's been a good one! Two great NSV's to announce:

1. Although I have not been on a scale this week (too chicken), I am pleased to say that I am "officially" in a size 24 pants! This week I have wore two pair of pants out of my closet that didn't fit several weeks ago. Both were size 24, twill, and not stretchy. They were not tight at all. So tonight I went to Lane Bryant to buy an outfit to wear out tomorrow. I bought a pair of jeans, and a pair of pants - both size 24 and both look great! When I started this journey back in August I wore a size 28.

2. I stayed on plan today! I ate only the food I brought with me to work today. After work, I came home and my mom wanted to go to Lane Bryant. Well, on the way to get her she called me to announce she'd changed her mind, but I went anyway. My BFF and I are GOING OUT tomorrow (I'm so excited), so I thought I could at least buy me an outfit since I have no "going out" clothes. After Lane Bryant, I stopped out Bath and Body Works to discover the whole store was 75% off! So I bought me some shower gels and lotions (I LOVE that stuff, so it was a TREAT).

Then I remembered that tomorrow two of my children are supposed to bring Valentine cards and a classroom treat for parties. We stopped at Wal-mart and I was SO tempted by the cookies and candy. (V-day is usually the time I look forward to eating an entire box of chocolates by myself). But I skipped it and bought a Cadbury egg (4 pts). I even decided to save it for later instead of eating in the car on the way home to make sure I'd have enough points for it. I stopped at McD's and got the kiddos something to eat since we were all starving. It was almost 8 p.m. when we got home, but I fixed a great salad for dinner (10 PTS).

3+ cups of salad greens
4 oz. roasted chicken breast
1/4 c. reduced fat shredded cheese
1 tomato
1 tbs. salad topping
3 tbs. reduced calorie honey mustard dressing

It was a great salad - very filling. And I have 4 pts left over for that Cadbury egg! Woo HOOO! But the point is that I stayed in control, and didn't deviate from my plan to STAY ON TRACK. Today was a SUCCESS!

36/36 POINTS
EIGHT glasses of water, 1 diet soda
2 servings lean protein
1 serving of dairy
whole grains - YES!
9 filling foods


  1. WOW! Awesome NSV's, Hollie!

    A new size is always a good boost - and WTG on resisting the box of chocolates and McD's then waiting till later to eat the 4 pnt egg!

    You have every reason to be proud of yourself!!!

  2. Congrats on the new size and WAY TO GO on the absolutely fantastic day of food intake !And you have reminded me that I really need to get back to Bath and Body works also. I love their stuff as well !

  3. Great job on the NSV's!!! I LLLLLOOOOOOOVE cadbury eggs. I totally make room for them


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