Friday, February 6, 2009

No post yesterday because nothing spectacular happened. In my world, I guess that's a good thing, right?

I took some pictures this morning because today is the day a lot of people are wearing red for the American Heart Association. My whole school system is doing it, and I know a few of my fellow bloggers are posting pics today. I tried to post them this a.m. but ran out of time; I'll do it when I get home tonight. I liked the pics, though, because I can tell that I look smaller.

Our income tax refund was in my bank account this morning, so I will finish moving this weekend. I dread it, but am ready to get everything out of the old house. Clyde has decided not to stay there, so I guess we're going to become on of the thousands of home owners who have had to walk away from their home. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about all the money we dumped into that house for nothing.

I've been eating terribly for the past two days. No binging, but bad food choices. I know it's stress and TOM that is causing insane sugar cravings. I'll get it together this weekend. I've just got to get this move DONE. Although this week has been better emotionally, I have a bad feeling that there will be drama this weekend. Maybe this has been why my mind hasn't been on healthy eating. I brought a salad to work yesterday, but didn't even eat it! The school lunch (pizza and french fries) was much more appealing.

Yesterday I went to Wal-mart to buy a coffee pot and an iron. Out of nowhere I told my kids that we were also going to buy DONUTS! As they cheered and we headed to the bakery, I was thinking, "Why am I doing this?". But I didn't stop myself from buying them. I guess I am making progress, though, because I didn't eat them all. There were still six left out of twelve this morning, and I know my kids ate several last night. I ate one for breakfast with my coffee. Just one. I am tickled with my new coffee maker, which I am able to program the night before so my coffee is brewed when I wake up. And it was only $19.88!



  1. TGIF!

    I hope you have a good weekend. I think we all need it with this TOM bullshite! LOL!


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