Monday, February 2, 2009

Clean Slate

Yesterday when I was packing up my food to move from the old house to the new house, I made a decision. I would not be bringing any bad food with me to my new place. I have been "planning" for quite a while to cut down on processed foods. Well, there's no time like the present. I know I am not eating totally "clean", but it is a start. I left a lot of junk that I only buy because my husband likes it. Now that it's just me, I don't need it anymore.

I went to the grocery and did the same thing. I thought my son was going to hyperventilate when I told him I would not be buying cookies or Little Debbie snacks. My husband demands that we have them in the house at all times, and even though I try to buy types that I don't like, they are still tempting when I'm desperate. No more. I shopped for me and my kids. Healthy options, and quick meals that my kids like.

The whole shopping trip reminded me of how I used to grocery shop 5 years ago, when Clyde and I separated the last time. We were separated for almost a year (he left me that time), and during that time I lost about 50 lbs effortlessly. I only ate when I was hungry, and I loved to exercise at the gym. I made good choices when I was at home, because I only had good choices available. I have an opportunity to do that again. I can start with a clean slate.


  1. Yay! ANOTHER great step in the right direction!

  2. Cookies are so good, but like you I don't have them in my house anymore. After years of not having a weight problem, one day it finally happened. I gained weight. I became so unhappy, and I just started to eat. Then I found a program that changed my mindset, is is helping me lose those unwanted pounds. I am over 50 and it is so hard at this age to lose the weight. My eyes were opened when a friend, same age, got diabetes and heart disease, because of being overweight. I bit the bullet and said it is time now. Well, I am losing about 2 pounds per week, exercising and I am incredibly happy again. If you are having a difficult time, you might want to consider the same program.

  3. What a great way to make a fresh start! You are headed in the right direction, new home, fresh start, new beginnings, endless possibilities.

  4. Sounds like you are starting your new life in the right direction. Steam forward, never look back, and you will be the Hollie you want to be soon enough.

    Some advice...I would get a legal separation if I were you. Because your hubby is a bit nuts, it's in your best interest to do this by the books, especially if you took your kids with you. You don't want him claiming anything later on. Just a thought.

  5. I have been checking into the legal separation. I think it would be best to define who has legal custody of the kiddos.


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