Thursday, February 26, 2009

A new day...

Yesterday ended badly. I wouldn't call it a binge, but I really lost control. I did so well yesterday until I got home. I planned on making some frozen cheese ravioli for dinner with some Ragu sauce. Then I noticed that I had a loaf of frozen garlic bread in the freezer. Yummy. So I got out my points calculator, and read my labels, and knew exactly what and how much I could eat. I would have exactly enough points left for this meal. But as that garlic bread was baking, I could feel myself slipping. I knew I was not going to stop at one portion.

Long story short, I went back for more ravioli and garlic bread. The only good thing I can say about it is that I kept track of what I was shoveling on my plate, and I journaled all of it. Every single bite. As I piled up in my recliner to watch Biggest Loser, I started craving something sweet. I got very close to driving to the store to buy ice cream and candy bars, but I didn't. Instead I settled for some frozen breakfast pastries that were in my freezer. I decided to go to bed before I could do anymore damage. I had heartburn, and felt like shit. That's the negatives. But there is a positive side:

1. I journaled every, single thing I ate yesterday. I kept track of portions so I could do this - even got the box of frozen breakfast pastries out of the trash so I could calculate points. Now I know that I went 20 POINTS OVER. I can't lie to myself and say it wasn't that bad. It was.
2. I drank 7 cups of water yesterday, and only had 2 diet sodas.
3. I am back on the wagon this morning, and will keep getting back on no matter how many times I fall off. I'm not quitting! No way!

This morning I packed my lunch, but forgot my oatmeal for breakfast. Since I need to eat breakfast to stay in control until lunch, I got a single serving of cereal from the cafeteria with a pint of skim milk for 4 points total. I have a tuna/cheese/spinach wrap for lunch, and fruit in my desk. I already had to talk myself out of going to the vending machine for candy this morning. I am chewing gum in an effort to keep my mouth busy enough that I can't shove anything in there. This is a struggle, but I know I can do it.

My goals today is to journal, drink water, and stay away from the vending machine!


  1. Hang in there !!!Sometimes that sugar monster feels like it is not only calling our name but screaming, laying out a route with breadcrumbs and providing door to door service for us !! I used to get those cravings really bad before I go pregnant with my son and one day I discovered that if i ate a banana when i was craving sweets it stopped it right away. Something about them being sweet and creamy did the trick, and the potassium probably addressed something my body was really craving.

  2. GOOD LUCK!!!! I hope you make it through with great success!

  3. That banana tidbit was interesting. I am so gonna try that. I think we all have certain things that we can learn that will really help us avoid the cravings that derail us.

    For me, one of most important things I learned (so far) are that I need more protein than carbs at breakfast. Oatmeal or cereal for breakfast would set me up for a major binge. I can have oatmeal only if I also have a full portion of eggs or nuts or meat to balance it, otherwise I'll be ravenous all day long.

    Hollie, keep on hanging in there. You'll figure it all out. And this isn't a race.

  4. Way to go on being aware, that is a huge step. Getting right back on the wagon is too. Hang in there. Hope today goes a bit smoother for you. Have you tried my protein bars? They really are filling and you can eat them as a snack whenever. I eat them for breakfast almost everyday. I'm not sure of the points value though.

  5. Your doing great. You recognize what you are doing and each day gives you a new chance to start out on the right path. You can do it.

  6. Garlic bread is evil. EVIL!!! I cannot stop with one piece.

    Anytime I make a pasta dish I make a huge plate of steamed zucchini or summer squash and mushrooms to go under the pasta/sauce. It makes you feel like you are eating a whole lot more, fills you up faster and gives nutrition. Just an idea!

  7. You said:
    "I am back on the wagon this morning, and will keep getting back on no matter how many times I fall off. I'm not quitting! No way!"

    Great attitude!


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