Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is the day...

that our country will swear in our 44th president. Today will be a historic day, because we have elected our first black president. I am so glad that I'm alive to see this.

I want to start off by giving HopeFool a shout out for the spreadsheet she has shared with me. It is the BOMB! No excuses for not keeping a journal, now. I can download it onto the little flash drive I take everywhere with me so I can use it at home or at work. It's awesome!

Okay, so I did the Biggest Loser Cardio workout on Saturday, and couldn't MOVE on Sunday. I was hurting so bad...my muscles were screaming with pain. Muscles I didn't know EXISTED! I had to take a pain killer just to go to work. I was still sore yesterday, but forced myself to exercise again since I know from experience it's the best way to relieve some of that muscle pain. I basically just did some basic moves in front of the TV while watching ANTM. I felt better afterwards, and much better this morning. My plan is the elliptical during BL tonight.

I peeked at the scale this morning and it was UGLY! WTF! I don't know what's going on with that, unless it's the "muscles hold water" thing. I've done really well with eating (or I thought I was).

We went apartment shopping yesterday and I'm so discouraged. All of the three-bedroom apartments are so SMALL! There's no way I can fit my furniture in any of the apartments I looked at, let alone the extra stuff that I've accumulated and need for me and my three children. And that's not counting all my husband's stuff! The apartment I lived in before we bought our house was rather large, but I don't want to move back there because it's gone down hill. It was bad before we moved, so I can imaging the thugs have taken over now. I want a place where my kids can at least go outside to play. We also looked at a couple of rental houses, but either the house was run-down, or the neighborhoods were questionable.

We talked to the man who our house is financed with, and he seems like he's willing to work with us. He offered to suspend our mortgage agreement and will let us rent our house from him for up to one year, with the option of going back into the mortgage agreement at any time during that period. But the rent would only be about $300 less than what we're paying now, and we would have to catch up the two months we owe him first (almost $3000). My husband thinks moving is the better option and would be the best way to pay less money, but I'm still not sure what to do. There is one other apartment I want to look at, and a few more rental houses I found in the paper. Hopefully I can check them out this evening since I'm off from job #2. Either way, I need to make a decision soon and get a game plan together.

My husband and I have been getting along, which I guess is good. He is letting me call the shots on the apartment hunt, but is giving his input, too. He is going to a mental health clinic today to see if they will help him get back on his medication. He doesn't have insurance, so hopefully there is some place that will help him.

My mom had to go to the ER yesterday because she sneezed and it burst a blood vessel in her nose. Her nose bled for two hours at home before she went to the ER, then the hospital couldn't get it to stop, either. On top of that, her blood pressure was 250/155. She is on Plavix, which is a blood thinner, so that's why they couldn't get her to clot. They ended up putting a balloon up her nose to stop the bleeding, and let her go home after her BP went down. She needs to go back to the doctor today to get the balloon out of her nose, and I feel kinda bad because I didn't offer to take her. I did tell her she could call my husband and ask him, but I didn't press the issue. My sister took her to the ER, and since she stood us up the last time we were supposed to take her to the doctor, I figure she can call my sister again. And if she calls my husband, I'm sure he'll take her, but I didn't see a point in rearranging my day again for nothing.

Okay - that's all of the brain activity I have for now.

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  1. Good luck with the apartment/house situation. I'm glad you're sticking to your exercise. The gain could be from the exercise. Don't feel bad about your mother... she got to the doctor, didn't she. She stood you up last time, so it's understandable why you didn't jump to take her this time. I'm glad you and your husband are getting along.


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