Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was my "official" WI, and I was down 4.4 lbs this week! Yeah!

First off, thanks for all of the supportive and thoughtful comments on my entry for yesterday. It means so much to have friends who can support me in this tough times.

School was canceled today due to the cold weather. It was 8 degrees here in TN this morning, and most school districts in middle TN decided that was just too cold for students to stand on a bus stop. Seems kinda silly, but I'll take a paid day off! So last night at job #2 (at Target), I ran across a lot of deals because most of our clearance is marked down 75%. I decided to get there first thing this morning and do a little shopping. My youngest just jumped into a size 9 and needed shoes, and there were some REALLY cute shoes marked down to $3.74 per pair. My mom wanted to ride along, and ended up buying her several pair in different sizes. I also bought me the cutest pair of high-heels for for about $5! We got four big bags full of clothes and shoes for about $100, and my mom paid, so that was even better!

One of the things I miss from when I had lost 100 lbs. several years ago was being able to wear high heels. When I was a size 18, I wore high heels all the time and rocked them! High heels make me feel sexy, and are instant confidence. I've already bought three new pair, and can't wait until I've lost enough weight so I can comfortably wear them out without them hurting my feet after 5 minutes.

I'm so happy to be less than 10 lbs from Twoderville! So happy, in fact, that I'm going to jump on the elliptical for at least 30 minutes before I go to work today at 4:30. It's almost 1 p.m., so I'd better get off the computer and make it happen...


  1. Way to go on the lose this week Hollie that is wonderful.

    I wish I was brave enough to buy heels but first off I wear a size 12 shoe lol and second I think I'd break an ankle the first time out or look like a tetter totter lol. But the thought is nice.

  2. Yaaaayyyy Hollie! What an impressive loss! You go girl!

    Oh, how I love a good bargain! Lucky you! And even more lucky that you didn't have to pay at all!

  3. Damn, I love me some sexy heels too. And boots!

  4. Congrats on the loss this week. That's awesome (I feel like I should write dude after that, anyway...). I loved your "twoderville" - you are right there.

  5. Great loss! Congrats!

    high heels....haven't worn them forever! But my hubby bought me 2 pair of cute high heels when I first started this journey - as inspiration. Haven't tried them on for awhile, but it is fun to look forward to wearing them!


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